By KillMeNow - United States - Houston
Today, my visiting mother-in-law announced she plans on moving to our state and living next door. When I said that's not going to happen, she chuckled and said, "It's happening, Kate." Kate is my husband's ex-girlfriend from 8 years ago. FML
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By  pelletman67  |  16

My mother in law did that and it resulted in her kid napping our children, not seeing our grandchildren for 5 years. We were vindicated when we finally saw my children and they saw that we weren't looking to yell at them for leaving and only celebrated the reunion. They now know their grandmother is insane and controlling.

By  Duoceros  |  22

This is a huge JustNoMIL red flag.

You have some planning to do. Depending on how your spouse reacted if they witnessed this interaction or what they say in response to your telling them about this declaration will make your path clear.

Hopefully you guys already live far away from her for a reason and your spouse will back you up in pushing this drama train off course.

By  Asl5111  |  2

I would join the "all in the family" or "dwil" group on community. They'll help you put up some righteous boundaries on in laws and extended family. It sounds like you have a self-serving narc or a MIL and she's bound to not respect you one ounce. You've got to stand up for your family and protect yourself, husband and especially children from those kind of people.

  acmariner99  |  24

Now I really don't feel bad for going low/supervised contact with my mom after she said she wanted to kidnap my daughter and take her across the country. It's frightening that people actually do this.

By  Moloyo  |  8

My MiL (who is also a nightmare) did something similar over a year ago. She wanted my husband to help her pick out a nice retirement community next to us and help her move. He didn't, and she is still living in another state.