By dmvfail - United States
Today, I went to the DMV for my second attempt to get my license. I did everything perfectly, stayed at the speed limit, did my three-point turn flawlessly, and parked nicely. The lady failed me because I wasn't using the stick shift right. My car doesn't have a stick shift. FML
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  fthislyfe  |  22

In my country, we MUST take driving lessons with a stick shifted car. Cuz almost all cars here are like that. And if someone has an automatic geared car they make fun of him that he can't drive.

  Sebastian_NG  |  17

yeah in most countries most cars are stick shift, therefore you must take your test with a stick shift car, I recently aproved mine (I'm from Ecuador, South America) and believe me its not the same as automatic transmission, it's easy to make shifts and stuff, but there are other issues when driving stick shift, for example it requires a certain amount of skill to pull out your car uphill, or even when you go over a speed bump you run the risk of your car turning off, of course that with a little practice it will be no problem once you get used to it. But believe me, when I was just learning, all those little thing were like hell, and it still takes some practice to do that stuff (specially the uphill part) when you try a new car. Its not the same to pull out uphill on a 1990s subcompact than on an SUV.

  Keyman1212  |  14

I never had to take a driving test at the DMV here in Texas. Hell, they GAVE me a drivers license after I had my permit for six months. Kinda a fail on their part?

  Dalliance  |  4

All driving tests I've heard of require records and paperwork. She had to have written down exactly why you failed. The car's license plate number should also be recorded on the paperwork. If you can prove that you were therefore wrongfully failed, it shouldn't be too difficult to get a re-test -- or even a pass retroactively if there was nothing else in your performance you could be failed for.

  bo1440  |  3

They will, but it will go something like this *Please proceed to window 6 to file a compliant... 2 hours later... oh i'm sorry sir you have to go window 8 to fill out a written complaint first, then come back here to speak with a supervisor if you still wish to formally submit your complaint... 2 weeks later via mail... sir we'd like to inform you your complaint was successfully submitted to a review panel, and we will inform you of their decision within 7 to 10 business days* DMV's SUCK.

  Yaqui_fml  |  9

Yeah seriously. My first test this lady started going at a two way stop when it wasn't her turn so I started to stop and at that same moment a gray car came out of nowhere from the parking lot next to us. Even though I was already pretty much stopped the test lady yelled "STOP!" and then lectured me on how they only give licenses to people who pay attention. She made me finish the rest of the test then said that "I failed back there" when she had to tell me to stop the car. She then wrote on my paper that I failed because I gave the other person at the stop sign my right of way. -_-

By  illmatic2  |  16

Damn, they sure can be picky. I remember my drivers test. Believe it or not, I hit one of the DMV workers within the first 2 minutes and still managed to pass.

  Yaqui_fml  |  9

The lady that hands out the written tests at our DMV told me and my mom that even though her task was boring she'd rather do that than give driving tests any day. When we asked why she said that every person that handled the driving tests had been in at least 3 accidents each.