By accountnamevalid - 21/07/2013 04:45 - United States - Littleton

Today, I was on a bus and I was so exhausted that I fell asleep. According to a few other passengers, I nestled into the chest of the guy next to me, and hit him every time he made a noise. FML
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accountnamevalid tells us more.

It was a Greyhound, and I'd been up for 2 days. He didn't say a word to me about it. After I was told by the lady behind me, I apologized profusely, and he said "it's alright. I figured you must really need the sleep." Super nice guy, but I wanted to die.

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Yeah, well he should shut the **** up while you are trying to sleep! What kind of boyfriend is he?


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That must of been a terrible and painful experience for guy.

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@21 Or he enjoyed it, I mean which man doesn't enjoy a woman nestled into their chest?

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42- not all guys enjoy being touched. My partner hates being touched by strangers, no matter how attractive they are.

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Or being hit every time you move

Why are strangers touching your partner...

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I am probably projecting my own instinctive reaction to want to hit the Bieber every time he makes a noise. Now move along.

I'm looking pretty stupid right about now :s

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Does that also mean you nestled into his chest in said dreams?

of course! man, i thought i was the only one.

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Yeah, well he should shut the **** up while you are trying to sleep! What kind of boyfriend is he?

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The nerve of some people. We don't need money, we need consideration!

Ah, I can see you two married already.

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Zimmington 21

if I was him I would Instagram it

I was going to say, how do you politely push someone?

"Politely pushed you off the seat making sure you hit your head!! Lol" I don't understand how polite it is to push someone and make then hit your head you need to get your act together

astralvagan 20

Your idea of polite is slightly psychotic

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And this along with so many other FMLs of the type offers evidence that you shouldn't fall asleep on public transportation vehicles.

I don't see a second date happening.

But it's a daily commute. Don't tell me I have to find a new pillow tomorrow..?

I'm surprised he didn't wake you up or move you off of him...

Zimmington 21

Maybe OP looked too adorable lying there all tuckard out

Or he just didn't want to be hit again