By Anonymous - 06/01/2012 15:50 - United States

Today, while in bed with my boyfriend, I accidentally let one slip. While thinking "maybe he didn't hear, maybe he's sleeping", the shaking of the bed from his laughter let me know otherwise. FML
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kbtoyz69 9

in a Beavis voice "Are you threatnin me?"

McAninch35 9
kbtoyz69 9

In Jesus's voice: "Go thy way"

Jakesterk96 8

It's not really an FML if he laughed.

Op should have given him a dutch oven, see if he was going to laugh at that. Lol

nicole86 8

Sometimes squeezing your butt cheeks together only works so well... At least OP didn't say it smelt horrible too..

1 - that is the EPICest profile pic ever!

iMagzzzy 0

I can't stop laughing at your profile picture.

KVKdragon 26

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Kraft92 8

Farts are funny, you need to lighten up. :)

shadexilmaendu 4

Anyone who doesn't think farts are funny, watch the episode of Sarah Silverman where her friends leave a "bomb" in a cop car xD

Let me guess, if you girlfriend ate the last of the cereal you'd "dump her ass" too huh?

Absolute bullshit #2. You know damn well you giggle like a little girl everytime someone "cuts the cheese". Which quickly turns to retching when you realize just how bad it smells. Lighten up. "Let loose".

It's not a death in the family, you ass. It's just a fart. Get over it.

Horcruxer 0

I assumed it was, "I love you." Not a fart but I guess that's what I assume a girl means when they say that.

KVKdragon 26

Weird. Never really expected so many negative comments or thumbs down. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

anzie_fml 9

56- I have 41... I felt like such a loser that I posted one about it. And now there are 42...

shadexilmaendu 4

Alright, someone wanna explain why my comment was hidden when *all* I did was provide information about a humorous television program? Honestly children.

countryrose92 23

Or maybe if she is going to be comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed as her boyfriend then she should be comfortable enough to accidentally let one rip. it's a fart, so what? I say she has seven points, lets see if he can top it. Lol. Laughing at a fart is fine, especially if its the first one she ever let rip, obviously he isn't upset about it so op shouldn't be upset either. (Oh goodness, I can't show my boyfriend that I am human and I have bodily functions...) Grow up plz?

Always blame the dog... Thats if u have one,

flockz 19

or blame the stapler in the corner.

If its just me and another person, I always blame the other person. Works 99% of the time

itsame0987 18

Blame a nearby frog or a duck. That always works

Nah my dad always blamed it on a little rat on a motorcycle ( it sounds better in Spanish).

nicole86 8

I've totally done that before & had the other person apologizing to me for it! Haha

countryrose92 23

We always blame those damn barking spiders that are notorious for living all over houses and never being seen. ;)

I can just imagine him saying "Are you challenging me?".

That's what my husband would say!!!! He always wins!!!

mwrc8man94 1

You should have given him a Dutch oven

I would laugh too. Silence followed buy an ulber loud fart

Dutch oven him until he stops laughing!!! MWUHAHAHA. :P

SamLiveFree_77 9
afunnyterdcody 5

That's what I always thought y'all did

OhLohd111 11

59- if that were true, I think the world would end with butterfly overpopulation and an explosion of the sun from too many colors.

insanelyXnikki 18

Because it says it next to OP's username.