By squirrel - 09/01/2010 05:01 - United States

Today, I was wearing a shirt that had a picture of a squirrel and acorns with a caption reading "Protect Your Nuts". My dad walked up to me, read my shirt, then punched me in the balls. FML
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finally, im not the only person in america who has that shirt

Well, you should have been protecting your nuts.


wow ... now that was interesting ... :P

@ 13 he didnt say proceeded you moron -.-, and fyl, its not like when you wear a shirt like that you think about that joke every second of every day you wear it.

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13 youre an idiot. and proceeded is a transitional word in enlish, so get used to it

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That sucks, my dad wouldnt even get the shirt, though. FYL but YDI for not backing up what your shirt said. Jk jk!

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Sounds like someone takes things too literal. Hope you were able to recover well.

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that shirt sounds AwEsOm where did u get it ( 4 my brother:) )lol

You deserve it for wearing a shirt with a squirrel on it

Fyl for having a jerk dad like that...I dont care what ANYONE says, no one deserves to get it straight in the family jewels!