By kvb81295 - 21/07/2016 08:17

Today, my new girlfriend took me on a double date with her, her best friend and her best friend's new girlfriend. Which would have been fine, if her best friend's girlfriend wasn't my recent ex. The small world of a lesbian. FML
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kvb81295 tells us more.

Hey OP here, My ex an I didn't exactly end on good terms which is what was really awful. My ex had actually been seeing the girl for a little while before we broke up. She broke up with me because she had finally decided her new girlfriend was worth leaving me for. I had never met nor cared to who the girl she left me for was. I met my current girlfriend at a coffee shop a few weeks after. This was the first time I was meeting her best friend, and the first time my girlfriend was meeting her best friends girlfriend.

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Well at least it looks like you both have moved on? :)

....why would you go to all that trouble when it says plain as day that she's a lesbian....


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awwkkwaarrdd lmao that sucks OP

Well at least it looks like you both have moved on? :)

Haha, sorry op i hope the double date wasnt too bad

Am the only one who had to read this twice, double check the gender sign and than hire a think tank to help figure out that these are all females? Or did i finally catch stupidia?

....why would you go to all that trouble when it says plain as day that she's a lesbian....

All it took for me was to read the word "lesbian" and it was easy to connect the dots from there.

To the people on this person it didn't say lesbian until the last possible word.. Don't be rude I didn't know until the end either

lol, what.

i thought her girlfriend was a lesbian, and that op was a male. My brain clearly ran out of bacon grease and over heated, no need to be mean:( or i actually caught stupidia. in which case, im moving to the moon.

#19 that's your fault not ours

#31 I had to re-read it also, so don't feel bad! I can't help it that my first thoughts are girlfriend is to boyfriend and vise versa. I don't have a problem with homosexuality, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to think what I've always known, as long as I'm not offending anyone.

I can guess why im being thumbed down, but you dont need to thumb down the people who are being nice to me. And thank you nice people for making me feel slightly less stupid.

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It’s just what happens when people shove heterosexual agenda daily for years until people forget “the gays” are a thing.

Lez-be-honest here... It was awkward

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Imagine future children going on such a ride… "Look, mom, what are /those/?" "Well, honey, those are what we call lesbians. They may seem exotic, but they're people just like us."

"Are the lesnians why we couldn't bring the kitty on vacation? Because they eat cats?" "Les-bi-ans, kiddo, and no, they don't eat cats. That's a misconception based on a pun. You see, another word for cat is… uh, well, when two women… darn. Anyway, it's a misconception."

"I'll tell you when you're older."

If it is as small as you say it is then I guess everyone is just grabbing who they can get.

Not necessarily a bad thing if you two ended on a good note. Awkward for sure though

so basically a 4-some?

Just because they're lesbians doesn't mean they want to **** every girl they hang out with ?

YES IT DOES! *plugs ears and closes eyes* La la la la la la la la!

I'm sure I've seen this **** film.