By Judy69 - 07/04/2012 07:04 - United States - Dekalb

Today, things were getting heated between me and the guy I like, and we were about to have sex. I told him to turn the TV off so we can get started. His response? "But I like this show." FML
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Haiana04 3

Must have been a pretty damn good show, .______.

jerseyboy732 16

this is when you start putting on a show ;)


blink182AAR 6

Your mother must be so proud.

Well I am 16th! HAHA I rule! I can add this to my CV as one of my life accomplishments!

Haiana04 3

Must have been a pretty damn good show, .______.

"The guy you like," meaning he wasn't your boyfriend? ****.

Was it ****. And before you start calling me dumbass think about it maybe he was watching to pick up a few tips.

eatdemcupcakes 4

27- maybe she's not a **** dumb ass. Maybe she's just hoping he shares the same feelings or something. "****" means you're like a cheese tray, you get passed around. You don't know her so don't be an arse just so your comment is visible.

^you sound like you get plowed by people you're not even going out with, too.

37- If you think OP is a ****, do you also classify the guy she likes a **** too? Because he was also planning on having sex with her. It's a two way street.

Pretty judgemental for a dirty old uncle!

Guys, just quiet down. I Bang your Big Theories anyways.

Why turn off the TV? You can multi-task can't you? ;)

MA "boyfriend" can be just as much of a stranger as the guy you like. I've liked guys I've known for many years. I've had a boyfriend I'd only known for a month. And vice versa. Don't judge OP. Sex means different things to different people and there's nothing wrong with that. :)

firsties 5

I wonder if it was adventure time cause that I a good show

TiVo or DVR; look into either one OP, then he'll have no excuse not to give it up. Seriously though, what a little bitch...

And by bitch, I do mean the boyfriend, not the girl. Just thought that might have needed clarifying...

QueenQuay77 10

Maybe he can multitask because I know I sure can

I was about to write " probably adventure time" XD

He was probably watching Neds Declassified School Survival Guide

Or he was watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

My little pony: friendship is magic > Sex

Haldami 2

Why does sex always have to trump everything all the time?

2ndSucks 15

It obviously doesn't. Television does, in this case.

Haldami 2

A good portion of FMLs are about people whining that people want to do other things instead of having sex.

It was definitely Toddlers And Tiaras.

How could you have sex while watching a show about "toddlers and tiaras"?

jerseyboy732 16

this is when you start putting on a show ;)

This made me think of show girls on internet chat rooms

Even better than show you were about to give him? I don't think so. His loss!

A friend of mine told me that if the TV was on he would last longer, it could be a possibility here also

I agree, its just typical man stuff >.>

I think that thinking about things things other than sex can during intercourse can help men last longer. Don't quote me on that, though.

Blazing fast Internet and TV > you. Sorry.