By murphx3x - United States
Today, my grandma's cat peed on my full leg cast. The closest doctor was a three hour drive away. So my grandma wouldn't take me at all the whole weekend. FML
murphx3x tells us more :
hey im the one who did this post.. so to explain all of this, i wasn't in pennsylvania at the time. thats just where i live now. my grandma lives in alaska. she lives in like a really isolated cabin area. it doesn't even have running water. she likes it out there. and 3 hours is a exageration. its actually two hours. yet again with my grandma's really beat up car and well, her slow driving, it takes us about 3 hours. and yes its safee for her to live out there by herself (and my grandpa) because they are both very very healthy. and not that old. she's a little over 50 and my grandpa is only 40 cause he just got married to her. and for everyone who's wondering, I WAS ASLEEEP. i woke up due to the terrible smell. my grandma made me stay in a serperate room and my plane ride was on monday morning and i had some trouble with the plane ride and getting through security. i had to put a huge plastic bag over it and lets just say, THANK YA FEBREEZE. but in the end, i came home and my first stop was the hospital. i hope everyone got a good kick out of it though. cause i didn't. not to mention cell phone service was real bad out there, and my mom made me stay to keep my grandparents company (she thinks its bad that they are so isolated.) oh and you have to go to the doctors to get the cast off. theres no way that smell is gonna get out. although i wish i had known about the vinegar trick before. and for anyone who doesn't have a cat, STFU. it smells like death. ughh it was prettty bad, and also thank the lord for nose plugs.
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By  XanimalloverX  |  0

Don't kill the cat. Cats pee it's apart of their daily routine the cat didn't have time to find the litter box. All the people who say kill the cat Your mean! You don't kill a cat for peeing! You pee everyday ! So if you had a baby and the baby peed on you would you kill the baby?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I don't get how you let a cat pee on you. Were you sleeping or unaware of its presence for some other reason? It seems like you should've been able to stop it at first squirt.


one solution... Kill the cat and push grandma down on the ground to break her hip. While she is crying out, "why did you do that?" you say, "I told you not to fuck with me. How do you like me now Bitch?".

  harmony88  |  0

When one of our cats was sick we took him to the vet. On the way home he peed in the carrier and we noticed *immediately.*

OP, there may not be a doctor nearby, but there might be a pet store and they often have supplies to get cat scent out of fabrics and carpet (a wash through the machine isn't normally enough). Until you can get the cast changed you could soak the offensive bit in those supplies.

  mcss87  |  2

"ewww they suks". should be "they suck!!!". I hate people that use short text and don't know how to spell it correct. this is why texting is fucking up peoples ability to

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jonthan jefferson

  Dani1234  |  0

U better get that cast replaced. If the doctors too far go to the hosiptal or clinic. Call someone else like a friend or neighbor. Last thing u want is an infection, mold or mildew growing under the cast. It's really dangerous and unchecked can lead to devastating conquences.

  ZEEBS  |  0

well for one thing if it was an air-boot the guy could have taken it off and laid on the couch all weekend, on the other hand it is a sanitary risk especially if the person had received surgery for his leg.

I also hate to say it but, any real friend (besides grandmum) would go out of their way one day to drive the OP to the hospital. OP call a friend and ask for that return favor.

  afatmonkey  |  0

Hey, at least an obese orangatang with AIDS didn't tie you to a moldy operation table with stratched out cat dongs and played "Party in the USA" while he jacked off on your face. This happened to me once and I still haven't fully recovered.

  sugarbabyxoxo  |  2

cats fucking stink I hate cats. a cat pissed all over my cloths once and I had to throw most of them away cause the smell does not come out lol how do you dry off a cast? wait you can't.

  harmony88  |  0

Their products work wonderfully. We had 8 feral kittens and there were several accidents before they learned about the litter box.