By nwalsh2009 - 18/12/2009 04:29 - United States

Today, I was changing the oil on my car. I decided to pretend I was delivering a baby as I was removing the oil filter. I got really into it and was screaming things like "I see the head," and when I removed it, I said "Oh, it's a boy!" As I reach for my rag to clean it, I saw my neighbor's boots. FML
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nwalsh2009 tells us more.

I would love to deliver your filter sendthesparr. Each oil change is a little miracle in itself.

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Haha, you totally deserved it! While it's funny, it's not too bad. A little embarrassment never hurt anyone.

We'll I can see you are a stoner :)


Haha, you totally deserved it! While it's funny, it's not too bad. A little embarrassment never hurt anyone.

It depends if he is from a small town. If he is, a rumor is going to spread around the neighborhood that he has lost it. Eventually a mob will break out and 5150 his ass. FML in the making it seems.

I would have kept going with it, "mind your own bissiness, it's not like you have never fucked your car without a rubber."

Exactly..I hate it when people like to joke around but then get all scared when other people see them. Stop caring so much about what other people think and have fun with life.

If your neighbor was awesome, he would've started playing alone. "Aww he's so cute! What're you gonna name 'em?"

hahaha your just weird why would you do that

i agree with number 1 so not an FML just a little embarrassing

We'll I can see you are a stoner :)

Uhm, or he is having some fun with something that is a dull and boring task.

Dude, you have problems!

so not a FML who the hell moderates these FMLs???

Lucky it was only your neighbours boots, they won't judge you. Too much.

I'm not shoesist or anything but I have to dissagree with you, i used to be a roomate with a pair of boots who was one of the most judgemental bitches i have ever met.

Were they thigh-high boots? If so, they should have no room for judgement.

Since he was there for the birth did you let him cut the cord? If it was from a 4 cyl I wouldn't get it circumcised, you don't have enough to chop away.

no idea what this post means.. it i saw my neighbors boots? i can't even figure out the mistake there!

It was a misplaced comma. "As I reached for my rag to clean it I saw my neighbors boots."

So.... a mustang mounted your rabbit and your rabbit delivered a boy car and you named it Lightning McQueen right?

this is not an FML. it's a STUPID. ;)

its not a stupid, its a funny!