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By  saaaammmmm  |  0

Kids and their hot water and reverse osmosis filters. You don't know how lucky you have it. Back when I was a kid we bathed in rocks, wiped our rears with broken glass and walked to school (uphill both ways) barefoot through a briar patch.

  tesla_jaxx  |  0

only if the ambient pressure is greater than the standard pressure of one bar, at which the standard freezing point of water is 32F. Supercooled (being below the freezing point at standard pressure) water is possible, but the slightest change in it, ie, bumping it, moving it, will cause the water to immediately and instantaneously crystallize and "crash out."

  Bashar_fml  |  0

STFU ALL OF U CORRECTING PEOPLE'S SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL SHIT. SO fucking stupid noooo one in the fucking world cares, aslong as u get what the person is trying to say.

  aureve  |  0

It couldn't have changed that much. I've only been gone a few months. xDD Maybe where I lived (Montevallo) was a freak of nature because to be honest it was never cold, and when it was cold people would complain when in reality it was around like... 40 degrees outside. And if it DID get under 30 it would be way higher in temperature pretty much the next day.

Now I live in New Hampshire and it gets in the negatives... THATS what I consider cold now.

  alliemay  |  0

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I KNOW soft water is better for lathering and most people would rather have soft water in their houses, and I believe soft water in general is better for washing.

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

Soft water is the most epic thing in nature. We just got a better water purifier not too long ago and washing things has never been easier. 'Sides, I like to lather things up and let them become super bubbly. OP, have blessed to have soft water. So incredibly blessed.

By  great_lawl  |  0

Oh yeah, your life is SO fucked.

anyone remember when stories actually included things to be really upset about, or laugh really hard at? And now, ones get posted about having to spend a little more time washing yourself...

By  shoguu  |  0

so... how is an FML? you had to rinse off in a cold shower. it happens. a lot. if something like this is the low point in your life, you shouldn't even be on this site.