The illustrated FMLs
By mrWrong - / Wednesday 25 March 2009 01:20 / United States
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  Justforlolz  |  12

lawl #1 WIN :D

By  Gabbyyy  |  0

she kind of deserved it. she should've been near the door haha

  Naihz  |  9

She probably wasn't near the door, otherwise she would've responded right away. She was probably somewhere else when they knocked and only reached the door as it was kicked down

By  iceman_fml  |  0

As an emergency responder i would have felt a little embarrassed and bad..but hey she never answered quickly so i wouldnt feel bad for very long..she new what was going on and at least could have yelled or something..i would have knocked the door down to..maybe its wrong of me but i think its pretty fun too..

By  Jimboom  |  11

Ha ha! Horrible that it happened but don't beat yourself up over it. If you hadn't done it then one of your colleagues may have. And that lady should have responded. More of a FHL then a FML though.

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