By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 16:09 - Guatemala

Today, I got mugged. After taking my cell phone, the guy politely said: "Thanks. Have a nice evening. Be careful on your way home." FML
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You should NOT be careful on your way home and get mugged again, just to spite him. That'll teach his polite, thieving ass!



While random, it's possible he mugged you as he is in a lot of problems and trouble, and doesn't want to hurt people. Is what i was going to say, until i realised, this is just weird.

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Sounds sarcastic. At least, I am anytime I wish anyone a nice anything. Deep down, I know that even if I wished anyone a nice anything, it wouldn't do any good, since existence is miserable by its very nature. Oh God I'm so depressed. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

#52 and #61, you two need to read books. Get cultured up.

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yeah because getting on FML is totally the first thing that would come to mind if i ever got mugged. lmao just sayinn(:

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Today i mugged a guy because i need four dollars for karate lessons. i was so happy that i thanked him in the end!! P.S. If you dont get my comment click my picture :)

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that's freaking awesome, lol. I'm sorry you lost your phone, and anything else you lost, though.

He stole her heart, by such chivalrous thieving.

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OPs a guy, unless he's the girlfriend from a few FMLs back.

Oh, well just change that her to a his... And nothing else

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almost like being robbed by Mr. Rodgers.

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"Hey there neighbor, don't mind if I just take this here phone and wallet. You have a nice day, and look both ways before crossing the street."

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Hahahahaha. I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune but this is hilarious. Hope you're okay though.

That's when you sock 'im in the face. Unless, of course, he's wielding a weapon-- in which case you really have no choice but to say "Thank you" and toddle on home. :(

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Isn't there tracking in cell phones now?

Better to just cancel the service to that device, and see if anything can be done about getting an insurance phone since it was stolen.

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I don't know if that's a silver lining or just adding insult to injury.

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It's like being raped and then the rapist says, "I hope you had fun. Be careful; there are killers around every corner."

being robbed is not even close to being RAPED!