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Report him. You're just as entitled to a break as everyone else.

That's just sad...


That's just sad...

Very sad indeed.

How about coffee breaks? Or bathroom breaks??

Isnt this a health problem

Only if OP takes up smoking to get breaks

No I mean for the kids

I seriously doubt they smoke right next to the kids :p.

Report him. You're just as entitled to a break as everyone else.

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It's not that uncommon for males to work in child care, and even less uncommon for them to be the owner or boss. my sister works in childcare, and one of her bosses is male

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You mean sorry for your ignorant sexism. Good to know that caring for children is always the job of a female.

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34 - You're making a misinformed judgement based on stereotypes. Just stop.

#13: What is wrong with a male working at a day care center? I know plenty of guys who love kids and want to work with them. Are you also disturbed at the thought of male baby sitters?

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Well #43 it could be like daddy day care. OP's boss could be male and the daycare could be a very good one. It's pretty sexist to me that you think that only females should babysit. Honestly, men can babysit just as well as women can.

#43: I have no idea where you live, or where many people live, but where I live, a lot of day care centers employ men, and are run by them too.

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no, you were ignorant in saying her boss is likely female judged purely on the fact that you've never seen a male working in child care, like it or not that comment was a bit sexist, and completely un needed, I don't usually go as far as calling people rasict or sexist because I usually call it an opinion, but in your case it was a little sexist.

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#48, you said, verbatim, that "it would be weird if a male was working at a daycare place". you didn't say "i've never heard of a male working at a daycare place", you said "it would be weird". the implication being that working at a daycare place is by default a woman's job, otherwise why would it be weird for you? so, just stop, admit to making a prejudiced sexist statement, and learn from it. anyone can say something like this, it's normal. what sucks is when people refuse to reflect on what they say and choose to stay ignorant of their own stereotype filled thinking.

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The phrases that you chose to use in your comment are what made it sound sexist. Saying "it would be weird," "yknow," and "like this isn't daddy day care" make it sound as if you have something wrong with men working in child care, which implies that women should be doing that type of work. Beyond that, it really wasn't necessary to comment on the gender of the boss being odd in the first place.

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Holy shit #58, you're getting more thumbs down then I get. . . STOP STEALING MY THUNDER!

#62 For someone who doesn't care, you sure are investing in this subcomment way too much.

62, you should really watch how you phrase things then. The way you word things can either make you sound like a genius, or the town idiot.

And this must be the same belief that all nurses are women too since no one sees male nurses. Maybe this was true in the '50s but.... And when guys aren't distracted by sports they make great baby sitters!

#62 You're sexist due to the fact that you believe in the stereotypes that women look after baby's and men not so much. You yourself said you have no idea about daycares? Then how were you able to make the assumption that only females work there? I can answer that. You made the assumption due to the fact that you believe in the stereotype that women look after baby's and men don't. If you didn't believe in the stereotypes, you wouldn't have tried to correct the original comment saying it couldn't have been a male boss.

Another long and pointless argument on FML.

I agree with him. Recently in times , there are actually more females then males who work in day cares. A lot of women don't feel comfortable with males working with there small children . I used to work in a day care.

yes, there are more females, you're right, but that doesn't make it weird for a male to be in child care, and if op's boss is in fact male, that's even less uncommon. there used to be a chain of day care centers here where I live, one of the biggest, male boss. like I said in an earlier comment, my sister does child care and her boss or one of them is male. I wonder if these women feel uncomfortable leaving their child at home with the dad if men make them uncomfortable

Jesus Christ. Look at yourself Geeve. I mean seriously take a fucking look at yourself. You've got this fucked-up "me vs. the world" mentality, and you even changed your profile picture to suit that. Literally go fuck yourself, because you're obviously taking out some sort of pent up emotions here on FML, and in particular on my comments. You're an immature little shit.

Well explained #54.

#58 Just get off your high horse and admit you were wrong. You claim the names didn't get to you but here you are....still arguing

I used to work in childcare and where I live, although it is very uncommon for a male to work in childcare, it is not unheard of. I think a lot of males with hopes of working with children are put off by media/society these days as they don't want to be branded as a pervert for wanting to work with children. Unfortunately most of the parents from where I come from forget that you have to have a CRB check before being allowed anywhere near the children.

Look he didn't mean anything, and while I would've preferred him to have worded it differently, it could have happened to anyone, so please this whole argument is stupid

I agree, Paul. I mean "shaddup already!"

Hey man. It's alright. People are just ignorant, and I completely see your side. You at least got one person with you. :)

I think 71 saying "when men aren't distracted by sports..." is just as sexist and ignorant as what geeve said....

This entire subcomment seems a little sexist to me seeing as everyone seems to assume that you're implying that childcare is women's work, when you could easily have meant that men in child care seems like a creepy concept to you, so there

It really sucks when you get punished for doing the right thing. Just don't start a fight with him or anything

I was still waiting for the down vote comment that always says "then why don't you just start smoking"

Smoking isn't right or wrong and neither is ot smoking. It is a personal choice.

#128 I guess you're right but I do think it's wrong when done, say, outside the entrances to stores where people with health issues (like asthma, such as myself) have to walk by and breathe the nasty smoke in hoping they don't have a reaction, or in the car with their children. Smoking is a personal choice to destroy your own health, and it becomes wrong when you force others to inhale your secondhand smoke.

@131: That still doesn't make smoking itself wrong, it makes that persons behaviour wrong...

Wow, sorry about that OP. Hope you find a better job, or at least the boss improves.

At my shop me and the techs who aren't smokers call those fresh air breaks. It's only fair....

By law you get a certain amount of break time. If your boss says no use the law.

Not necessarily, OP is in Ireland not the States

Even in the states some don't require breaks. In Ohio it's up to the employer if they allow breaks of any kind. I'm sure some other states have similar laws.

I live in Ohio and breaks are necessary here...? Either two 15 min breaks every 8 hours or one half hour, or more depending on employe... I think that's how it goes. There are rules tho! I skim them on the OSHA rules on our wall :p

In Ohio, if the employer decides to give you breaks then there are laws they have to follow, but they are not required to give breaks to anyone over 18. I've had jobs where you come in and work 8 hours straight, no breaks...learned the law the hard way. Just google "do employers have to give breaks in ohio."

In Ireland, its usually a 1 hour break for lunch for every six hours you do...That boss seems like a right dick for not letting you out for small breaks if everyone else is allowed...

A daycare that promotes cigarettes. They really found a niche to get them addicted while they are young.

Where did you read that? Are you saying you are not allowed to smoke if you work in a daycare? Do you realise the implications here?

"For coffee!"

And give some to the kids while you're at it. teach someone a lesson.

but then op has to put up with coffee fillled kids, abd then the parents, boss probably hardly sees the kids

Coffee isn't nearly as bad as cigarettes, especially if you're smoking/drinking around children. I'd rather have my child inhale the smell of some latte than be harmed by secondhand smoke.

I'm not sure how things run in Ireland but in Canada everyone is entitled to a break every 3 to 4 hours. I suggest getting a new job or you could have your own home daycare and care for children in private instead of an agency that way you are your own boss and you will probably get more money. Good luck :-) OP

its hard to just "find a new job" and even harder to "start your own daycare"

Tell the boss that you need a break to get away from the stinky ass smokers

Sure, if OP wants to get reprimanded or possibly lose his/her job for being rude...

reason for termination would be unjustifiable because the comment wouldn't have been made if op was given a break

Employers can make up any reason. You can fight it, but most don't unless they're filing unemployment and get denied.

You should at least have a washroom break or something.