By Anonymous - 31/12/2020 22:56 - United States - Montpelier

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  Today, for the first time in 8 months, I got laid and it was amazing. Unfortunately, it's kicked my latent sex drive into hyperdrive. Best part? No idea when I might have sex again, so apparently I just have to live with being ragingly horny for the foreseeable future. FML
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By  Sara Niemantsverdriet  |  9

Try using your hand. At least you should get where you want to go every time that way

By  JasonThorn  |  18

There is a Chinese phrase used when they speak of of an addict trying to get the same intensity and enjoyment of the first time they tried a drug, recognizing that tolerance would make it nearly impossible. They called it "chasing the dragon."

You may never forget your first time, but don't make your desire for 30 seconds of ecstasy cause you to make a decision that will alter your life.