By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I got a new laptop for Christmas. The picture on the box showed a woman balancing it on one finger to show how light it was, so I tried it myself. I dropped my laptop, breaking the hard drive and putting a massive crack down the screen. FML
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  Keefster  |  0

Indeed. I'm reading this from the laptop I got for christmas, which thankfully I didn't try to hold with one finger. Your an idiot- and deserve. Seriously, what are you stupid? Do you try to copy everything you see on boxes and TV?

If so, please try to fly off the empire state building by using redbull to give you wings. Do us all a goddamn favor.

I hate fmls like this. You brought it upon yourself.



  Crasken  |  0

That seems to be the prevalent problem on FMyLife; the misuse of your and you're. Seriously people, I know that grammar doesn't matter much on the intertubes, but if you're going to call somebody an idiot, at least use proper grammar yourself.

  cornsnake  |  0

48 win. op you are a moron. tomatoes are light but that doesnt mean you can balance it on your finger. you ether have to be skilled to balance something on your finger or your just doing it with something as light as air.

  renaet  |  0

I think the funniest part is that the picture on the box was probably photshopped (like an obvious photoshop) and the OP was still dumb enough to try it -_-

  hannahrawr24  |  0

lmao, that sucks. but guess what? YDI. wow. do you really think ads like that are real? there's a tool called photoshop, and it helps us humans exagerrate things.

fmls like this aren't even fmls. they're yada (you're a dumbass), because really ydi isnt enough. anyway, i agree with everyone saying ydi. because ydi big time, x3

and please excuse my atrocious spelling and my obivous grammar problems. =)

  blalien  |  0

Because having bad grammar is exactly the same level of stupidity as attempting to balance a laptop on one finger. Also, you probably want to capitalize your sentences if you're going to be a grammar whore.