By Braceyourself - United States - San Pablo
Today, I went in for an audition. Since my wrist had been in a brace all week, I felt I would be fine without it for one day because I didn't want it to be a distraction. I tripped in the middle of the dance routine and crashed on top of my injured wrist. FML
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  Hooorror  |  15

I don't think OP would've necessarily thought it was a good idea. I think they were probably just hoping for the best because clearly the audition meant a lot to them to go ahead with it despite an injury. A lot of people will go ahead with a physical activity that is important to them despite being injured and knowing it's risky.

  tmj25789  |  23

I do agree 12 because I don't think people think farther ahead about what they do now could potentially cause it to not heal properly. They don't know the consequences of not listening to someone with years of schooling.

  tehman117  |  21

Well maybe the doctor told op that it would be okay after a certain while and was wrong? I recently fractured my wrist and the doctor let me play with a cast on. Turns out, playing caused my fracture to worsen and I just recently had to get a screw put it.

  mariri9206  |  32

I don't think OP's doctor did okay for them to take it off, especially for something like this. And what if OP injured it even worse, effectively ending their dance career? Serious injuries can end dance careers way too soon. OP, you should’ve worn the brace during your audition or just cancelled it altogether. There will be other auditions, but only if you don't cause injuries to be worse, especially to the point where you can't even dance professionally anymore.

By  mermaidkeels  |  26

You should have braced yourself for that fall

  Etweens96  |  24

I've done play auditions that involve dance numbers, you meet as a group with the dance instructor and she'll give certain movies for you to perform and she wants to see how well you'll do.