By HorcruxDelight73 - 26/05/2012 23:00 - United States - Lakewood

Today, my friends were coming to pick me up from volleyball practice. When their car pulled up, I jumped in. It was really quiet, so I looked up, only to find I had gotten in the wrong car. FML
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This was actually my FML, everyone. No, it wasn't a pedophile, THANK GOD. It was a couple, and they said "Umm...can we help you?" and I was like, "Sorry! I thought you were my friends!" Then got out awkwardly. They had the same car. It wasn't my fault.

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KnightAngela1109 10

Look on the bright side....... You just mad some NEW FRIENDS:)YAY!!!

Dear diary..... Jack pot. Your lucky it wasn't the pedo bear.



Unless OP's friends car and strangers car are relatively the same, I think this is fake.

KnightAngela1109 10

Look on the bright side....... You just mad some NEW FRIENDS:)YAY!!!

KnightAngela1109 10

^oh butterfingers....Thanks for correcting me though.

KairoFallin 0

Hah it's fine, I just felt like being a grammar nazi for once in my life. :P

FMLshark 12

Spelling =/= Grammar. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have yet to be a grammar nazi.

16- You are probably the dumbest person I have ever met if you think you are a "grammar" nazi for correcting a spelling error. Learn gooder English, Mmmkay?

72, Learn better English* sick! I'm now a grammar nazi! Hitler! Here I come,

Sorry I meant a period not a comma at the end :( I'm no grammar nazi....

DrBlack 9

Dude I really hope you were taking the piss when you wrote 'gooder'.

kittenvks 11

It's sarcasm people, do you seriously not realize that??

Dear diary..... Jack pot. Your lucky it wasn't the pedo bear.

drarmstrong 8

Want some candy? I've got some in my van.

It's not *the* Pedo Bear, it's just Pedo Bear. You ain't going to find another bear more Pedo than Pedo bear.

46, that's exactly why it is THE pedo bear...

ChrisTheCalm 9

Why you speak of his name so much? He must not be named.


Infamous_Hawk 6

That awkward moment when there is no candy in the van...

GemmaStyles 14

Hah let's hope it wasn't a pedophile, dear x

If it was s/he wouldnt be writing this FML

...Uh...where does it say she's a child? Paedophiles aren't really a risk to anyone but children.

all cars look the same because they all have wheels :-

fylx100 19

I thumbed you down for your username.

thats okay. i thumbed you down cuz you have no sense of humor.

me too. anyone who thumbs someone down for their username is just a lame ass.

I thumbed 36 down because who doesn't punch babies?!?

KiddNYC1O 20

39- Punched or thumbed down? Please say punched...

ChrisTheCalm 9

What's the humor in punching harmless infants? You grew up harshly, didn't you?

KiddNYC1O 20

77 - Dude lighten up, not everything is to be taken seriously.

I punched 36 because I like punching babies. *buh dum tssh*

grime 4

I don't sucker punch, I punch suckers.

I thumbed u down cause ur stupid maybe s/he needed a name and was mad at the world so they used tht name im sure tht person does not punch babies #36

109 - I thumbed you down because you killed the combo

"Ur stupid"? Oh, the irony. However, I agree with what you tried to say... If I understood it the way you meant it.

So who broke the awkward silence? You or the other person?

xoconnie 8

^ you say that as if you jump into random cars on a daily basis. you scare me.

ChrisTheCalm 9

She scares you? If I could have random girls jump into my car I'd be ecstatic (:

Nah, it's not awkward when I'm trying to jump into random cars and it's accidentally someone I know.

Pretend its completely normal and demand they take you to McDonalds

NoisyNykkii 10

McDonalds? I'd demand they take me to Six Flags! If I'm gonna hitchhike, I might as well make it good!

And I want a happy meal with the cool toy! And can we stay so I can play for a while?

When in doubt, yell "why are we just sitting here?!?!?! GO GO GO!!!" I've done that to my brother-in-law and it freaked him out so he sped off :P