By Eggs6131 - United Kingdom - Nottingham
Today, I found out that my brother is adamant that if he records silence, then listens to said silence at full volume, it'll improve the headphones' noise-blocking abilities. I live with a complete idiot. FML
Eggs6131 tells us more :
For all the people who don't get it, my brother recorded about a minute's worth of silence on his little MP3 player, so he could listen to said recording at full volume. He thought if he listened to this recording of nothingness on a loop at full volume, it would make his earphones act like earplugs, cancelling out any noise made. #8, still laughing at that "I'm sorry? I can't hear you for all this silence blasting in my ears". #22, he's fifteen :
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  \  |  28

He must also think that falling trees in the middle of a forest don't make noise.

  crackz12  |  10

#49 if nothing with eardrums is around who's to say it does? Also, theoretically, listening to white noise at a high volume will cancel out more noise then off headphones. It just won't be silent.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

And one day he'll come up with something so fucking crazy, some billionaire will throw money at him to continue his research. While OP's stuck with student loan debts. If you don't know anything, experiment, it'll get you somewhere you never expected to be.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I know it's from a movie and everything but I try to refrain from saying "retard". I used to say that all the time, but I dated this girl who's brother was a little special. She pretty much trained me to stop using that term. It's pretty damn rude for someone to say such a thing, I was young and dumb, but I grew out of it. It's just something people should realize it's not a word you just toss around. Trust me, my vocabulary is anything but clean, that's just something I'll never say anymore. Not trying to patronize you or anything, just giving you my input.

  kayteakay  |  26

My younger brother has Down Syndrome and wears a shirt that says "I may be handicapped but you're retarded". He finds it hilarious.

Some people don't take the word so seriously.

  olpally  |  32

It's from a movie. Relax. I understand not to bring it up in normal conversations. Thanks for your input mcfeeli. I'd never say it in public or anything like that.

  OzzMonster  |  10

Perhaps you lost the moral high ground when you referred to the little brother as being 'a little special'? Where I come from that is just as patronizing as saying 'retard'...

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I never said I was an upstanding citizen with morals that reach the sky. And I wasn't criticizing anyone. Like I did say, I know it's from a movie and I wasn't trying to come off as a self righteous twat. I don't know what galaxy you're from but I never thought "special" and "retard" were on par with one another. I ain't here to tell you what's wrong or what's right because I'm no prime example myself, I just thought I'd put my 2 cents in there.

  TaliaAmaraS  |  13

oh bah, I had just woke up and I combined "that makes total sense" and "that totally makes sense".
My mistake for commenting before I was awake

By  Nova900  |  17

Where's the problem? It would work with monitors and colors you don't like to see: Using them with full power makes this colors burn out (on CRTs).
Maybe this thing works with headphones, too?

(Of course there are better ways to archive these effects.)