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Today, I took my 6-year-old son to visit his grandmother, as the doctors say she only has days left to live. Minutes after we arrived, he leaned in close and told her that she's going to hell. FML
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AwkwardHaole808 16

YOU raised him. He's six, he doesn't know better, he only knows what you have taught him.


AwkwardHaole808 16
Eyalsh 32

your comment is at 66 right now. that's cool. (beavis' voice)

Speaking for myself, despite liking it, I will not change that hehe

Kids say the darnest things sometimes

I feel like "Damnest" fits better with the whole "Satan" thing he's got going on

Damnedest, actually. :) But I like the way you think!

YOU raised him. He's six, he doesn't know better, he only knows what you have taught him.

So ur saying the kid hasn't been around anyone else and has no mind of his own ok

Maybe the grandma is horrible, and the child has been raised to be honest?

If he's saying those things and learned it from someone else she should probably watch who she brings her children around so if she's bringing her child around people who only cuss and stuff then it is her fault or if she's watching shows with that stuff then the mother should be more aware of what her son is around.

bkb12 16

Did it even occur to you that the child might have a teenage brother who likes pranks? Or maybe he even heard his father say that phrase one day? Or maybe they go to church and he just doesn't understand the difference between hell and heaven? Don't assume it's the mother that taught him this.

I agree with #49 when I was six and I was in first grade I would have kids come up to me and say stuff like "You should say this to that person, it'd be funny!" I learned very quickly that I shouldn't listen to those little ass whipes..

#34 that is the longest run on sentence I have seen in a long while. Just sayin!!

lolhailsatan 23

How can you tell an atheist from a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or New Ager? Don't worry. He'll tell you.

You cant say hell doesnt exist if there isnt any true evidence of how the earth was created. Most of these creation stories are theories. If there was in fact a big bang then I believe God is behind it. And with God there is satan.

lolhailsatan 23

#56 you don't ****** start this either

have you died...... do you really know

Why do gotta be that ONE guy that not even other atheists like.

nonsensical 26

Awww isn't he just adorable!

Bloody hilarious really. Now if only she wasn't actually dying before their eyes...

the actual hell? I would be talking to him and asking him why he said that? seems like he may have over heard an adult talking about her and said she would be going there and for some reason he had the thought to pass it on