By Mel Ancholy - 18/02/2012 02:04 - United States

Today, I was talking to my husband about a work colleague, whose boyfriend is always sending her flowers and fawning over her. I mentioned how I've never been treated like that. He glanced up from his video game and said, "Shit, Mel. Get a boob job then." FML
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Michael_92 20

Damn that really does suck. Guys like that make us all look bad.


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I'm sorry Mel..I'll treat you right if you want. :P

4. actually it would be. divorce is only 800. and no one (maybe sometimes) pays for their own wedding. I'm only guessing, but a boob job has got to be in the high thousands.

Just_STFU_Please 13

Never compare someone else to your loved one. That's just not right. There's a reason why you married him, but what he said was a dick move. FYL

Fishing for compliments never works. Don't you read FML? But still, that was a rude comeback on his part.

Just_STFU_Please 13

That's like him coming home and saying his coworker got a boob job and it looks tremendous(hint hint). Probably should have brought it up in a different way than making a comparison.

What do you expect if your whining soo much? You could've tried to do something to keep your husband interested, rather than whining sorry.

Did anyone else read this like he had a redneck accent ?

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mistfullkittie 3

Divorce is only 800$?!? Aww hell!! I'm filing tomorrow!! :)

#21 why its bad reply, OP did complain about him and so did he.... If she married that guy then should have tried to understand his way of love lol

You deserve it for comparing your husbands relationship with someone else's.. You fell in love with your husband for a reason . He doesn't need to hear why other man are Better than him. And you don't need to tell him either . Every individual is different in there own aspects. Some are more romantic than others. A lot of fights are caused because of couples fighting over what other couples have and what your relationship doesn't have . And it's completely senseless ..

I agree 177, she deserves it for saying how she'd never been treated like that while in his ear shot. Obviously you were trying to hint something to him OP, maybe next time you should be more direct, instead of talking about him behind his back.

I agree. But your name. Is ******* retarded. So... Uhm... Yea.

CheshireHalli 19

Bob, she was talking to him. It says it in the very first part of the FML.

actually that ends up paying the woman cause guess who usually pays the bills

231 its 2012 , not all the men pay the bills. These days wife and husband pay the bills together.

Liindaaax3 4

I read this in Red's voice from "That 70s Show."

SecretMe00 5

What OP didn't mention was whether or not she complains about not being able to get a boob job... So she could of just turned this around and put it on her husband(which is bitchy).

lebronesque73091 12

He's a dick for saying what he said, but it's also pretty bitchy to just walk up to your husband and say "You don't treat me like I deserve to be treated."

I could see both sides of this FML. Of course the husband is a douche for saying what he said, but comparing your husband to another guy isn't the nicest thing to do either. Maybe at the beginning of their relationship the guy treated her like gold and he felt insulted when she told him he's never treated her like that. It's not OP's fault that she doesn't have the boobs her husband wants, but it's not the husbands job to always give her what she wants either.

Beccahugs, I'm in LOVE with your profile picture!!!

It's nice when your significant other does something like that because they want to. But if you have to hint at it, it's not the same. Just drop it and move on.

Exactly! He loves you in his own way! Plus it would be worse if he called by another woman's name!

Michael_92 20

Damn that really does suck. Guys like that make us all look bad.

JurassicHole 5

No, no they don't. Just another ass being an ass, doesn't make me feel bad to be a guy.

If you wanted to be treated like her, there's the answer for you. But that's mean of your husband to say.

Yes, only large-breasted women deserve to be well treated.

In fact, smaller breasted women should actually be treated better, as they have to deal with bigger breasted women getting what they want more easily. That must be frustrating. :)

maronofhearts 19

Maybe what 9 should have said is you want something so do I so why can't they compromise. She's never been treated as great as her friend and he's never had a wife with big boobs? Like others have said its a bitch move to compare your relationship to someone else's like that and she should've expected a negative response for the way she insinuated he doesn't treat her good enough. Who knows what he did when they were dating to get her to marry him. Why is her request valid and his not they both went about it the wrong way

That is mean, but maybe you brought it up in a way that made him feel like you were attacking him and not trying to have a discussion. Or your husband is an ass, either way it was a low blow

#8 actually I think it's cheaper then going threw a devorce when my parents got devorced it cost alot close to 200 thousand because of the lawyers and the house was and the devorce papers cost close to $1000 the custody of the children hired nannys to take care of my lil sister because my mom and dad both work... so ya I'm not going to go into further details about it but ya...

dabomb1463 0

Tell him to get a ******** job :)

Ya or a ********. Cause like, you know, his leaf blower is broken...

phantumgrey 6

******** job? I'd doesn't work like that. Maybe you meant penis enlargement?

Tell him to get a penis implant, cause the only dick in his pants is himself. A real big dick...

Ferretface 13

Why would he get a penis implant if the dick in his pants is a real big one?

dabomb1463 0

Um ... The commenter is alluding to his attitude, not his penis size.

118 - You get +10 Interwebz for using "allude" correctly. You're welcome. :)

Men who only think about women's bodies are pigs and never desire to love....

LunaDragon 10

Uh 37 is your phone upside down? You mean 12'clock right?

SecretMe00 5

54 I was thinking the same thing but just didn't bother to say anything about it lol

37 - Anyone who values a person's body over anything else is awful. Don't think that calling someone a feminist is an insult. Do you believe that both genders should have equal rights? Yes? Then you're a feminist. That's all there is to it. No man-hating!! That's reverse feminism. :)

Yes #54, I type with my phone upside down. Glad for you to notice. That and I was playing a Video Game. :)

Well #84, I thought #12 wasn't going after those in commited relationships. ...and yes, I do support in EQUAL rights. Not the "lets sympatize with the women and go after the men" bullshit.

Believing in equal rights for both men and women is called equalism.. feminism is wanting superior rights for women.

You are 14 As far as relationships go, you are still green You don't even have your own values You might end up with a guy like this toos

No smallsmerry, i'm still a teenager (hint: "A_TEEN"). I don't have the full rights an adult has. Shut up....

JurassicHole 5

84 - You're wrong, as some have said before. "Feminism" is more towards female superiority, but supporting equality is just supporting equality.

If his phone was upside down, it would have read 9 o'clock. Watch, maybe?

That sounds like something a fat chick would say, just saying...

The first person to use the word 'feminazi' FAILS!!

198 you're just jealous cause you didn't get to it first. Cry more please.

If you look up "feminism" in the dictionary, it actually says "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men". In order to be a feminist, a person must support gender equality, not matriarchy.