By Maggie123 - Canada
Today, I was taking my morning pills. There had been a lot of fruit flies in my house lately. I grabbed a cup of water beside to sink to wash the pills down. As soon as I tasted the drink, I realized it was vinegar and dish soap used to trap the flies. I washed my pills down with dead flies. FML
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  Zhejan  |  0

Wait, wait, wait... so you said "As soon as you tasted the drink," you realized it was some foreign substance. Then you say "I washed my pills down," presumably telling us that you swallowed the vinegar.

Now, here's what's wrong with your FML. Either your an idiot, have no sense of taste, or a liar. I'll say it's the third, because the moment you tasted that vinegar, you would have spat it out, not drank it.

And, naturally, people will try to defend the "reality" of this FML, because some people mindlessly defend every FML on this site, regardless of how fake it may be. The excuse I expect is that "well, he could have poured it directly into his throat, and didn't have time to taste it until he swallowed it."
Untrue. I practically did that with a glass of spoiled milk last week, and I spat it out the moment it hit the inside of my mouth.

  timtam24  |  0

i have swallowed liquid before in one gulp then tasted it afterwards... maybe that's the case here... Though its pretty stupid to grab a random object then drink/ eat it.

  Plumppotato  |  3

i do. you never know what new and fascinating flavor that simple glass may hold. it could open your eyes to something exciting! imagine trying to live your life knowing that somewhere out there in a glass on the side of a sink somewhere there could be a drink thats waiting to be drunk and reveal to you all the secrets of life, but because your too scared or close minded to open up and accept something new, you may never know!

but most the time it tastes like shit.

  usnwife  |  18

I've seen so many fml's involving drinking random cups of "water" I really don't get it. I NEVER drink anything that was just sitting around! Even if I know it was my water from last night, bugs and dust can easily get in there overnight...