By lateralligator - 12/12/2014 16:35 - Canada - Whitchurch-stouffville

Today, I took out my old hairdryer and turned it on. I then gave my roommate a show as I ran out of the bathroom, naked and screaming, after a spider was blasted out of the hairdryer and directly at my face. FML
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The itsy bitsy spider went up the dryer vent! Out came the roommate and out the spider went!

Hmm.. Flying spiders. Who knew?


Hmm.. Flying spiders. Who knew?

Maybe he was just really good at jumping

I can only imagine what it was like for her roommate at the time

If the roommate was a guy.. If I was him id take it

At least you didn't hurt yourself!

Probably stubbed his/her toe while running out and flailing

badluckalex 23

better a stubbed toe than to be ferociously mauled by a flying killer spider

The itsy bitsy spider went up the dryer vent! Out came the roommate and out the spider went!

please tell me im not the only one who read that in tune with the actual song

rockyhorrorQT 12

I did it too!


I can see this being a new torture technique. "Answer the question, Jerry, or I'm getting the damn spiders again, Jerry"

Woah there, Satan.

Don't give the CIA any ideas

Too late, the NSA has already read this and informed the CIA

Hmmm new military gun prototype. The Sipa' Launcher.

Sipa? What's wrong with Spida?

I'm pretty sure he misspelled.

haha. I didn't notice the typo until I read the comments.

I don't think that's your roommates spider sense that's tingling!

Yeah I'm pretty sure I'd to the same thing, so don't worry about it(: sorry that happened though /:

You would? Hmmm. Interesting! On a totally unrelated note: hey! Do you need a roommate? I've got a hair dryer you could borrow!

Honestly seeing someone or getting seen naked isn't that big a deal. It's awkward and uncomfortable, but it is what it is.

Even though my following statement combined with your nickname makes me sound a bit creepy, but I like the way you think *creepy smile and awkwardly long stare*

homesuckfucker 28

The initial trauma may be bad, but I'm sure both you and your roommate will have a good laugh about it later! Also, a word of advice. ALWAYS blow your dryer in the opposite direction before using it on yourself, in case of; 1. Organisms possibly inhabiting it. 2. Dust. 3. The good old "flour in the blow dryer," prank. 4. A multitude of other possibilities. Better safe than sorry!

this is a great comment and all, until you read their username...

homesuckfucker 28

"They" are well aware of the fact that their username can mislead someone to a false conclusion. They are not gross or stupid, and they apologize for any confusion regarding that. :)

Wow. You're awesome. Great advice.

Well, I will now check for spiders every time I blow my hair dry.

I mean it would have sounded better if you said "blow dry my hair"

Actually, it doesn't matter since both variations of the phrase are widely used.. Was that a poor attempt at a sexual innuendo?

PeaceTea13 17

Man that situation blows.

Bye bye little birdie, cause you'll be gone with the wind.

DogeMan 14

Wow just wow