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Today, I was surfing the web for Halloween costumes, and found one labeled "Extreme Girl Nerd". With the wig, the glasses, and the buck-teeth, it looked exactly like me. FML
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Gamer girl nerd are freaking hot. I mean... the alreadt hot ones are hotter. makes them hotter if they are geeks. I've been single way too long xD

sheribb 5

you sound cute ;P nerds are hot


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you should have just went ou as yourself and said you were a super nerd girl..

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I'm with 3. save money on costumes

stephanie0613 0

haha i agree with 3, whats the point in wasting your money on a costume when you already look like a nerdd :))

sheribb 5

you sound cute ;P nerds are hot

iSitt 0

I like nerds because I am one. "I'm not a geek, I just dress thay way."

I would totally go as link from zelda if i didn't have to hand make the costume myself. Gaara would be an awesome idea! I went as ichigo from bleach last year. Made me a big ass sword too :P

KingDingALing 9

I'm gonna go as a dog, so that when i piss on someone's foot, I won't get in trouble because I'm a dog!! Smartest idea ever! :D

RedPillSucks 31

@79 Gaara's cool, but aren't you too old for Halloween?

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that's because ur a extreme girl nerd

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105 you're never too old for free candy.and OP try surgery, make-up or a mask!

Kanvis78 0

Glasses can be sexy! Pics or it didn't happen :)

MetalFish 0

Gamer girl nerd are freaking hot. I mean... the alreadt hot ones are hotter. makes them hotter if they are geeks. I've been single way too long xD

hey I'm a gamer girl lol cod ftw xD anyways at least you get to save money

lol what kind of face is that supposed to be?

Shookitup 0

COD is beast! can't wait for black ops!! :D

MetalFish 0

#54, MW2 is being played more on the LIVE servers than Halo: Reach, the supposed "CoD Beater" and MW2 is the worst CoD ever. WaW was the best CoD so far anyway in my opinion. #51, the :3 face is a kitten or cute face, the >:3 face is a lion, you must learn these. I'd like to thank #40 and #52 for proving my point that gamer girls are hot.

MetalFish 0

:3 = Coyness (cute/cat/just said something clever ~nya) according to wikipedia

Kanvis78 0

:3 = sac/nads/testes/doodleberries according to Kanvisapedia :)

Halo? Halo sucks. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the real ass-kicker of MW2.

MetalFish 0

Tbh, Fallout: New Vegas, Fable III and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is what im psyched for. FPS genre has been milked WAY too much. it's just boring now.

Yeah you know why halo reach is failing? The gameplay is basically cod, i hate cod, no not because im crap, because i hate running around hiding poking my head round corners. If you combine the halo 3 players now with the halo reach players now you'll have how many players played halo before reach came out. That said, bungie i'm disapointed. I'm off to dance in the sunshine and sparkle. (Not really...)

I love borderlands, fable 3 and two worlds 2 i look forward to, though many people hate two worlds lol

angela3222 0

meh, ps3 ftw. also nothing can beat nintendo 64. ( I am a gamer girl, n have been one sense I was 4

MW2 sucks on the ps3 cuz there are like 20 host migrations in 15 minutes

RedPillSucks 31

So what's the difference between a geek and a nerd?

haha ur so right #7. a gaming girl would be awesome :)

I love CoD and own all of them. but I am not excited for Black Ops. I love why Infinity Ward has done with the series, but TreyArch fails at life ...

I want to dress as RE: Afterlife Alice for Halloween, but I'm not a gamer nerd. I'm a movie nerd. :]

Ok, that was kind of a lie. I want to dress as Alice all the time, but it's hard to explain the swords and shotguns to Walmart security and whatnot.

ok my opinion in games i love is. so far ive been on Reach just cause its new. Mw2 is Beast still, black ops will kickass Gears of wars are way bad ass and 3 will waste,. fallout 3 is the best 1 player and so will new vegas. i love xbox but im no nerd. Gamertag is Locusts Fury

MetalFish 0

We are going off topic D: I wanted to talk about how Gamer Girls are worth their weight in rupees and gold coins. Seriously, Gamer Girls > all other forms of girl when it comes to who I would date.

my gamer tag is poptarteater13 and not all gamer girls are hot

Joseph_Stalin 0

Sometimes I like to lie down on my couch for a couple of hours with a bottle of Vodka playing CoD...

106- Nerds are academically inclined whilst geeks are passionate about their hobbies. Want to get schooled in CoD? my gt is tHrAsHeRr 9081. :)

CoD, eh. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is where it's at. Victory is followed swiftly by sex.

jkgfdxb 0

awe watch one day when you're older you're gonna be hot

Kanvis78 0

Yea, hot next to the stove toasting up a sammich!

jkgfdxb 0

hahaha niceee. but no I was a little nerd once and I developed and matured so it can happen

Kanvis78 0

It also can go very very wrong. :) Hot chick grows 100 pds. in all directions with a kid on the hip, barefoot, and talking with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth! hah

jkgfdxb 0

hahah true. but nerds succeed in the long run. not having a social life in highschool paid off haha

Kanvis78 0

Well these days they turn goth, emo, or whatever stupid term is current and end up killing kittens instead of taking advantage of the lack of distractions! :)

Kanvis78 0

Touche' with the profile pic swap . :)

jkgfdxb 0

I'm very indecisive. I don't know which picture to display lol

Kanvis78 0

Take a new one with a sign "Kanvis78 is awesome" hah j/k!

Kanvis78 0

Almost! Forgot the sign! :) Hey is that 3rd nipple basement? haha

jkgfdxb 0

3rd nipple say what? haha I'm lost

Kanvis78 0

The pic of you and your 'girlfriends' in the basement? drunk dad etc :) haha

jkgfdxb 0

ohh hahaha yep. drunk dad informing everyone of his 3rd nipple. haha I keep changing my picture

Kanvis78 0

Yes and anyone reading this thread will be thoroughly confused! Good work! :)

ohthebloodygore 16

#13 Is right on the money--you are probably a late bloomer. 10-15 years from now you will be the hottest chick in the room.