By Anonymous - United States - Columbus
Today, I spent nearly an hour trying to take a decent photo for my dating site profile. Not 20 minutes after uploading it, I got a message saying "Srsly dude stop trying, u look like Rosie O'Donnell." FML
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By  igottapee  |  27

spending that long to take a picture is crazy. you should have people take pictures of you when you are out having fun. it looks better and less desperate than someone who puts nothing but selfies. especially takes that long to take one good one just be yourself:)

  ugaboykin  |  9

Yeah, in hindsight this comment was rather tasteless. My sincerest apologies. In reference to the original FML, I hope both my and the comment in the FML fade out of the OP's memory quickly. I know how disconcerting it can be to try and put your best foot forward on social media and be so brutally put down like OP was. I regret that I perpetuated that.