By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I had dinner with my family at a fancy restaurant. They kept commenting about how cold it was and asked the waitress to turn off the air conditioning. When I got home, I realized the embroidered daisies on my undershirt made it look like I have giant protruding nipples. FML
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By  Bla4zor  |  0

yeah!! first to comment!!! ::DD:D: FYL

  8trickster8  |  0

Do you really think they care that they're first? They do it because of the reactions like this. It's funny watching people get so upset over something so trivial.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I think the real reason many people get upset, is we all want somewhat intelligent people on the sites we go to. Stupid people bring us down.
It's also a lot like excessive swearing; An excuse for a poor vocabulary.

  werzal  |  5

I agree with #19 & #21... When you read 30FML stories and 29 of the comments start with FIRST I know I just want to shut the site down... Intelligence is the way to go!

By  DoveOrHawk  |  5

You kinda deserved it though.. do you have a full length mirror? :P

But hey, you also deserved it if you didn't get the hint from them repeatedly saying it was COLD.


  ndawgg  |  5

I don't think it's a YDI if she didn't notice them mentioning how cold it was.

Most of my family will mention it until they go get a jacket or turn up the heat.