By hellalegit - United States - San Jose
Today, my neighbor's five-year-old rode his tricycle into a history diorama I had spent days slaving over. When I confronted him, he just said, "Vroom vroom muthafucka." FML
hellalegit tells us more :
OP here :) So just a little background: I was in fact using spray cans of paint so I was doing it in the driveway because I didn't want to damage the grass in my backyard. The little kid comes over when I turn my back for two seconds and annihilates it. His mom just laughed when I told her ugh :( Fortunately, although the project was due today, I got an extension from my super cool teacher :)
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Idk what's more of the," :O " thing here. The fact a five year old is swearing like that, or the disregard he showed when he (I'm assuming) blatantly ran over OP's project.

  byEyecandy  |  10

I can say whatever the fuck I want, its the internet, dont like it? Cry somewhere else.

I dont know me preventing to kill certain people and using a video game to fix it is a "stupid" comment, but I guess its an american way of saying. "Im a fucking retard and I dont know anything"

  devildog562  |  33

I know for a fact Nigeria doesn't play. I was there on a mission trip and the kids there know better. Built on the theory it takes a tribe to raise a kid.... That's how I was raised . Ass whooped by the neighbors when I was bad, and then again when I got home. Never excessive and I know why I was getting it .

  sp4ghetti  |  9

I've never, ever been physically disciplined. I have exceptional parents who miraculously found a way to raise all their children with unbelievably level heads. There are different ways to discipline a child that provide a positive end result. You can't hold all children and parents accountable for one child's asinine actions.