By hellalegit - 07/11/2014 06:26 - United States - San Jose

Today, my neighbor's five-year-old rode his tricycle into a history diorama I had spent days slaving over. When I confronted him, he just said, "Vroom vroom muthafucka." FML
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hellalegit tells us more.

OP here :) So just a little background: I was in fact using spray cans of paint so I was doing it in the driveway because I didn't want to damage the grass in my backyard. The little kid comes over when I turn my back for two seconds and annihilates it. His mom just laughed when I told her ugh :( Fortunately, although the project was due today, I got an extension from my super cool teacher :)

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Run him over. And when his mom and the police ask you about it, answer 'VROOM VROOM MOTHAFUCKA!'

Klima_fml 29

Don't you just love kids? :)


Klima_fml 29

Don't you just love kids? :)

your project is history now

Why was it outside and on the floor to begin with?

maybe they brought it outside to put in the car, and had to run back inside for something?

Maybe it needed to air dry. If they were using materials with fumes, outside would be the best place to work on it as well. I've spray painted many things in my driveway.

This kid is going places... And those places will probably have bars on the windows.

littleteapot 21

#25 You're going to be one of those parents that blames everybody but your special snowflake for his/her behavior, huh?

#37 I thought you said bras on the windows at first

plot twist of op's revenge

#62 That's how the kids got into the place with bars on the windows. Stealing undergarments.

This generation sucks...

103 - I thought I was the only one who realized this.

Nope. Quite the opposite in fact.

Idk what's more of the," :O " thing here. The fact a five year old is swearing like that, or the disregard he showed when he (I'm assuming) blatantly ran over OP's project.

Very well thought out comment #2

Lol! That killed me #44! That was HILARIOUS!

Run him over. And when his mom and the police ask you about it, answer 'VROOM VROOM MOTHAFUCKA!'

byEyecandy 10

Yes, because lets run over a 5 year old because he said something towards you...

#35 That's how I live my life.

byEyecandy 10

and I would stab people for a living, but thats illegal... Do you understand?

I stab people for a living . It actually pays decent. It's very much legal in my profession.

#52 I never knew you were a lawyer! Wow, I guess I really do learn something everyday.

I stab lawyers too . :) I'm a judgmental person. Actually I'm technically a phlebotomist.

byEyecandy 10

I play GTA San Andreas to get my fix.

Just stop, 79. You've made your two stupid comments. There is no coming back from that.

byEyecandy 10

I can say whatever the **** I want, its the internet, dont like it? Cry somewhere else. I dont know me preventing to kill certain people and using a video game to fix it is a "stupid" comment, but I guess its an american way of saying. "Im a ******* retard and I dont know anything"

That doesn't make any ******* sense

This is why I'm pro whooping children's ass. No respect nowadays.

Bring them to my country

I know for a fact Nigeria doesn't play. I was there on a mission trip and the kids there know better. Built on the theory it takes a tribe to raise a kid.... That's how I was raised . Ass whooped by the neighbors when I was bad, and then again when I got home. Never excessive and I know why I was getting it .

*slow nod* New found respect

drayloon 50

where's Adrian Peterson when you need him?

sp4ghetti 9

I've never, ever been physically disciplined. I have exceptional parents who miraculously found a way to raise all their children with unbelievably level heads. There are different ways to discipline a child that provide a positive end result. You can't hold all children and parents accountable for one child's asinine actions.

That's just mean

What do you expect of a 5 year old anyway

To not cuss.

Or destroy peoples stuff. My daughter knows better then to do both .

Definitely not this.

rocker_chick23 27

#6: My 5 year old knows not to destroy another persons property.

I have a 6 yr old and he doesn't use bad language whatsoever and he doesn't distroy things

61 Does he know how to spell "destroy"?

Respect maybe?

Run his tricycle over and say the same thing. It's that simple.

drunkmunkey 24

wow kid sounds like a winner and so do the parents

Run over that little shit's tricycle

He had to learn it from somewhere OP. Blame the parents.