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  Kazze  |  31

"Pregnancy runs in the family. One day, you'll just wake up pregnant."

I have a feeling someone learned sex ed in a religious school.

  sig4life  |  18

Come on. I believe they were referring to weighing the options. Do you want to be pregnant more than have silver hair? Also I don't believe a lot of religious schools teach sex Ed. Although they should. Abstinence is not an education.

  Boburk  |  6

Pretty sure it was in reference to #2...the person said he is not sure if it is really cool or really which he responded the hair, or being pregnant?...

By  xKai_Axelx  |  12

You're 19 and pregnant!?!? But why?

  PegLegRacing  |  34

Just because you can doesn't mean you should... A high school education doesn't mean anything at all anymore and statistically the odds are against being a teen mom and furthering your education.

Obviously there are exceptions.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

18, in most places people are done high school by age 17 (sometimes 18 if you have an early birthday). She probably got married and is having kids right away. Or else she's having a kid on her own, but either way she's most likely done high school.

  CatchMe25  |  16

#18 obviously there are. I got pregnant my sophomore year of high school, kept my now beautiful 11 year old daughter, graduated high school early and am now one semester shy of completing a double major BA in psychology and philosophy.

A lot of teenage mums I know (as we are a gang and all know each other) also finished high school and either finished university or have established careers.

If I can do it at 16 then OP can definitely do it at 19.

  samy_yo  |  12

if you have a daughter at an early age chances are she's gonna be just like you. like mother like daughter, so good luck when your little slut gets pregnant at 14!