By Whyudodis - Canada - New Westminster
Today, while on the skytrain, a woman leaned on the railing bar that I was holding onto, crushing my hand. My first instinct was to move my hand when she turned around and began loudly yelling at me for, "Touching her waist" and "Sexually harassing" her. FML
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  tantanpanda  |  26

This. This would actually work in the public setting.
PC: Even more believable if she's visually capable of crushing your hand.
Savage: if she's a whale, people will lend their sympathy.

By  Dilexar  |  26

i'll be honest, i didn't quite comprehend it correctly the first time, and i imagined the bar screaming at you for touching it. then i read it again and understood it correctly. not as funny as my first assumption.

By  sparkledoge  |  29

Aaah... Public transportation...
This magical world where everything is sexual harassment and where you get crushed against various things by people who don't know they're not alone in there.

By  Tripartita  |  44

How romantic. It's like that scene from Titanic where Jack holds Rose on the bow of the ship… if Jack had accidentally crushed Rose and then complained about sexual harassment instead of proclaiming he was king of the world.

By  hoosierholla  |  17

I'm sorry op, this definitely is an FYL and you didn't deserve it. It seems like she honestly thought you were being creepy and touching her, though. If this was a real situation I would be glad she stood up for herself.
However, since it was an accident (and her fault even) I hope you were able to explain that and she apologized!

By  Rabite  |  28

It's sad that real sexual harassment happens so often that it's not easy to differentiate between it and getting touched by accident or even your own fault.
In crowded spaces I normally move away a bit and wait some seconds before I get aggressive.