By Jienaf - Malta - Santa Venera
Today, I noticed that my new colleague never laughs. Instead she says, "LOL". I have to work with her every day. FML
Jienaf tells us more :
Hey guys! Can't believe this got posted! Some of the comments were hilarious, others were downright mean! Let me clarify something, which I believe would shed some more light on the story. She is a very sweet person and you wouldn't ask for a better colleague actually! I actually got round to tell her to stop saying LOL (as in, LOL not L.O.L hehe). That's where started laughing and admitted that she knew that it was annoying and did it on purpose to jokingly annoy her colleagues :) So guess the joke was on us after all :)
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  Looee  |  20

I really wanted to help you answer your question so I reread the fml a few times and came to the conclusion that "lots of love" makes the most sense with the context. Yep.. lots of love.Yeah let's go with that -.-

  SS  |  31

It appears there is a bit of a problem of which one to go for here. I personally would pause, look at her with a WTF expression, and then say 'Anyway...'

  patrickalamo  |  47

Agree, the forefathers did not envision text language, TV, or Internet porn...ect... However, they did support and envision freedom of expression and speech.

  thatonename  |  7

Looking back, I wish I had said irony instead. I didn't intend for it to be as harsh as it sounded, but it's not technically irony either. Idk, lack of a better word I guess...

  katydid91  |  31

#8-I agree. The only thing I would find acceptable making bodily functions easier would be if one was chronically constipated. Other than you don't have an excuse!

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Never underestimate the power of stupid. Odds are fantastic this obnoxious co-worker won't get the hint.
Point blank looking her in the face and saying "Please stop that, it's annoying and makes me want to put a cigarette out in your eye", usually loves the problem with subtle clues not being received. ;P