Triple Dog Dare

By MiserableGradStudent - 11/12/2017 01:30

Today, I was teaching my microbiology lab class as a graduate TA. Some dumbass frat boy dared his friend to drink a tube of E. coli and the idiot did it. Now everything in the lab is contaminated with vomit. FML
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Did a bunch of people surround him chanting "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!"?

So it's true then, frats are full of idiots. Glad I never was one.


So it's true then, frats are full of idiots. Glad I never was one.

PhantomCrevan 8

How was that ever even a question? Fraternities are literally a bunch of young men that are only "allowed" to join after doing something stupid or even insane to "prove" themself. What part of that sounds like it lends to good decision making??

neuronerd 28

To be fair, there are other types of fraternities as well. I was a member of an honors frat (coed, as I'm female), and while we did have social events and parties, we had no hazing, and none of our brothers would ever do something that dumb.

Did a bunch of people surround him chanting "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!"?

boopingsnoot 24

The boy who made the dare should be punished more than the friend who drank the sample. But, no more lab for either idiot.

That doesn't even make sense. Why would someone eat a literal bacteria (I don't know the plural)

PhantomCrevan 8

Young adult men, with more testosterone and access to alcohol than common sense. That's why. (Sororities aren't any better, except their consequences tend to be social and emotional as opposed to physical and mental. Still, as dumb and dangerous as fraternities, just in a different way.)

Ricrad 11

I think bacteria is the plural.

PhantomCrevan 8

A bacterium would be for one single instance of a strain of bacteria, on the most formal level of English. However, common speech uses bacteria as both the plural and singular. That said, if the amount of E. clew was sufficient to be in a sample tube or dish, it would most likely be accurate to say "eat literal bacteria" as there would be multiple cells of the bacteria in the tube.

MamaChey 24

That’s such a terrific explanation that I felt compelled to comment and expand. Amazing that it is almost verbatim from Wiktionary and it’s the very first thing that when searching the term “plural of bacteria” in Google. Perhaps your next search should be “definition of plagiarism”...

They are not handing in a paper. They are answering a question in casual conversation, with accurate information. At least they were nice enough not to post a link to lmgtfy. :)

How would that have made him vomit, with no incubation time? Was the medium something gross?

It scares me hearing that it was college kids who thought that that would be funny. I knew that college has a few dumbasses here and there, but I never imagined that there would be college kids THIS stupidest. Let’s hope the school kicks them out of the class and bans them from entering the lab after that stunt. They should also be forced to a lesson on lab safety with a test.

Well, college is a business like anything else. Stupid kids with money are profitable. And I"m guessing this kid wasn't on a scholarship for academics.

The DA who did that totally deserves it. Somebody’s insides got a good scrubbing.

neuronerd 28

I read DA as "district attorney," and was really confused for a min.

Lobby_Bee 17

Actually eating feces would be a much more interesting way to get E.Coli. Fail frat dare.

He’s lucky if he managed to throw up all of the E. Coli, but if some gets through to his gut, he may die.

Only if it is a harmful strain. The most common forms are not dangerous.