Ewwww, gross

By Tancred - 15/09/2011 07:36 - Canada

Today, at my job serving, I went to clear the plates when a guy said, "Hold on a second." Thinking he wasn't quite finished, I went to put the plate back. He then reached into his mouth, pulled out a dark brown object and threw it on the plate. It was a rotten tooth. I almost puked. FML
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That's good eating when your customers give you their teeth. Compliments to the chef

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Am I the only one who checked to see if OP lived in the deep South?

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Glad you didn't become a dentist. cuz then you would puke after seeing a rotten tooth in the patient's mouth.

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I hope he left a generous tip...or was the tooth the tip? Hmm...

I REALLY doubt it was a rotten tooth. It was probably some type of food that he didn't want to swallow, and OP just jumped to conclusions.

You know.....gingivitis is the number one cause of alll tooth decay...

Maybe he though you knew the tooth fairy? Who says adults can't still believe? He just didnt want an ice cream cone dumped on him like the last dude. Believe sucka!

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That is quite possibly the single most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. Ugh...

Look up tublady. May God have mercy on my soul.

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Or placed the tooth under OPs pillow. Money is money.