By Jolabanane - 21/05/2015 11:51 - France

Today, my neighbor was having work done in his apartment, and he'd warned me that there might be some noise. Yes, there was, what with all the town's firemen in the building after he'd ruptured the main gas pipe. FML
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Holy hell hope everyone's alright.

God dammit I hope everyone is ok and that a fire didn't start. Sorry op!


Holy hell hope everyone's alright.

Holy Hell...That's a new one.

#12: Really? I use it all the time when I'm praying to Satan.

He needs to get work done on himself.

How dare he allow his main gas pipe to rupture.

Hey, at least he tried to be polite and warn you about the noise! There was just a little more than he expected.

I hope the owner of the apartment complex knows.. Generally you're not permitted to remodel..

Maybe OPs neighbour owns the apartment he lives in. Also, that would be about my last concern if I was in OP's situation.

Lets hope your peace wasn't ruptured for too long OP

God dammit I hope everyone is ok and that a fire didn't start. Sorry op!

Obviously a fire started if there were the entire town's firemen present.

Fire departments respond to gas leak calls whether there is a fire or not.

Or blow anything up.

That sucks op silly workers

Sounds irresponsible

Kiss your beauty sleep goodbye OP. Hope everyone's ok though.

Fireman ? win - win

Sleep with one eye opened until it's over.