By TheBRADLeyB - United States
Today, I was going 73 in a 55 on a country road when an oncoming cop passed me. He pulled a U turn. I turned off the main road and took random turns. I got lost, was 30 minutes late to work, and the cop still found me and gave me two tickets. I had to ask him for directions. FML
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By  BaldOuting  |  0

the better bet would have been to let him pull you over either try to talk your way out of a ticket or fighting it in court. but running from a cop is not a fml, that's your fault.

  spktr  |  1

they're 55 mph for a reason dipshit. like the road and conditions bot being suited to higher speeds or it's a notorious blackspots where speeding idiots die all the time. ydi

By  Jemish  |  0

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  GeorgiaBea  |  28

There are several ways in which police can detect how fast you are going. Radar is common. Some newer cars, or cars used mainly for traffic may have a time system in them. They can also pace you. It's amazing how quickly you can get good at gauging speed, or reading inspection/ registration stickers when you do it for 8 hours... Their entire job is observation. If the cop shows up in court you will most likely not win. However, they don't always show up.