By Anonymous - 26/12/2012 02:46 - Canada - Saint Albert

Today, I woke up thinking my house was on fire because I could hear crackling flames downstairs. I panicked and tripped out of bed. It was the fireplace channel I left on last night so I could wake up to a Christmas ambiance. FML
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Waking up to ambiance? Seems more like you were shooting for ambulance.

That's so dumb it's almost impressive. Merry Christmas though!


That's so dumb it's almost impressive. Merry Christmas though!

Is it dumb that he/she wanted to feel the christmas spirit?

HeyArnold91 8

She could've left cookies and milk on the table and called it a day

Why was the TV so loud?

Waking up to ambiance? Seems more like you were shooting for ambulance.

oj101 33

Ambulance? A fire engine would be more useful...

DAMMIT 23, You had one job, ONE JOB.

oj101 33

Hey, why not both?

I don't think they were shooting for an ambulance seeing as how it was on television..

47- sarcasm. Sarcasm everywhere.

At least you could still enjoy the fireplace

It is called rich people problems.

RedSnuwolf 4

Jeez dude you need to 'cool down'. Hahaha... I'll leave now.

That comment might have backfired, but don't get too upset. Just take a chill pill and relax, don't water down your emotions, let it all out! Otherwise you can get burnt out on these comments and your fml morale will be forever extinguished.

So many puns it burns

Let's get right to the hearth of the matter: your punning career will be toast if you put "I'll leave now" etc. for added effect all the time.

Never ever do that! The christmas three might have caught from the fire on the telly!

So you're saying that images of fire have the ability to catch other things on fire? Awesome

Is it a MAGICAL tv that he bought from Diagon Alley? I want one! :D

Aw god, seems like people can't tell sarcasm these days...

#17 - Seems like you can't either.

It wasn't very good, that's all.

oj101 33

With TVs being HD and 3D nowadays, you never know.

savage93 11

Unless its a 3-D T.V. Shit 29 beat me to it.

If 3D TVs made things real, then I would have a whole load bodacious ladies on my lap and a few cheetahs running around, hunting Andy Murray for sport. Damn 3D TVs never deliver.

Canucksftw24 6

30: You saying "shit 29 beat me to it" wasn't an edit which means that you read his comment and then made your own... My point being is that we didn't need your comment

He did edit it, I saw the before and after of the comment. At first, it only had the top line. You do know that it doesn't automatically tell you when someone has editted a comment, right? It is written by the commenters themselves for clarity. So, he wrote the comment, then saw he had been beaten to it and changed it to add the last part. Idiot.

CharresBarkrey 15

35 - Hahahaha it doesn't put "Edit" when you edit the comment, it's just most people put that in their edited comments.

Am I the only person that noticed 5 wrote christmas three instead of Christmas tree?

There's a fireplace channel? I have never heard of such a thing.

CharresBarkrey 15

It's really nice and calming, especially if you live in an area that doesn't get cold enough for an actual fireplace fire.

oj101 33

#6- The fireplace channel is number 206 on Canadian TV. It's called the Yule Log and runs during the Yuletide period (Scandinavian tradition) 24th Dec to Jan 3rd. #15 - You're right - I live in Australia where I have ducted heating or A/C and I played a Yule log video through YouTube on my smart TV.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Stop, drop and roll, OP!

What a nice way to start Christmas .

Hey, at least your house wasn't actually on fire

How high was the volume of the fireplace channel? The TV was downstairs!

oj101 33

I live in a 6500 sq ft house, and it's mostly open plan (only bedrooms and bathrooms closed off) and sound can easily penetrate. I can hear TV upstairs on the other side of my house when I'm downstairs. Plus, OP is most likely to be a young person living in their own apartment - just the feel I get from OP and most FML'ers are 16-25 years old.