By myles bevan - 09/09/2010 10:01 - United Kingdom

Today, whilst sat next to a old lady on a flight back to the UK, I exclaimed how I wished somebody would gag the crying baby a few rows behind us. Her reply was, "That's my grandson." FML
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screaming kids suck

I feel for you, OP. I usually love kids, but if I hear another one screaming uncontrollably on the bus or at work, I am going to kill something. even worse because 90% of the time, parents don't even try to tell them off. some don't even glance down at the kid as it screams loud enough to shatter glass. e_o


screaming kids suck

"Then go gag your grandson. Don't let him scream/cry, no one wants to hear it."

check yourself before you reck yourself

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Then tell her to control her grandson. I can't stand when people let their kids get away with acting like monsters.

if the baby is really distressed it will cry no matter how much its parents comfort it, for example if the air pressure is hurting its ears then it will cry because it hurts, no number of hugs will make its ears stop hurting...

Fuck kids anyway. Kids are like any group of people, a few winners and a whole lot of losers.

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OP- Try to play it off

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Ditto on 3

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possibly the american girl with the huge "fanny" in the fml above this one?

agree 54, which is why parents shouldn't bring babies on a plane unless they have to.

sounds like you hated your childhood 55...

I hope you never have kids and if you do I feel bad for them. kids bring joy and laughter into peoples lives.

I don't know what to say, because you didn't know that was her grandson, but also, you shouldn't say that when there's an old lady nearby anyway, because who knows? And to all the people saying "you should've said to her to control her grandson," she can't. Babies will always cry on planes because of the air pressure. Like how we have to pop our ears on planes, babies have to, also, but they don't know how to. So the only way they can do it is if it cries. So the grandmother can't do shit to stop it.

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The grandmother can grab a desert eagle and bring a wonderful solution to the problem.

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wow I wouldn't want to be a child to most of these people commenting here.

once a woman sat with a kid next to me and the kid was annoying. I said to her that she fails as a parent. she got offended i don't know why.

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Who says they weren't trying to calm the baby? Sometimes they cry for reasons that can't be fixed right then and there, like their ears popping from the air pressure, like someone else already said.

121 sounds like you need attention from your mom other than sexually.....

so control himm should have been your reply

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gag, wtf

The only joy and laughter they could possibly bring me is if I could turn them to soup with my bare hands and then feed them to my cats without the cops coming after me. With the hugely overpopulated world, why do people insist on having kids, anyway?

Ouch. Tread lightly.

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then you should of replied," does it look like I give a shit?!"

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Exactly. Op should have said "then you go do it"

94 - W*I*N!!!

94, that is a brilliant idea. It's because babies can't help but cry on planes. Like when we have to sometimes pop our ears on on flights, babies don't know how to do that, so the only way to do it is if it cries.

hahahah!! perfect. I would go with, then get on that shit bitch! noone wants to hear that that little fuck cry!!

Keep your horrific thoughts to yourself OP or word them more nicely. Sheesh!

It's not horrific to be annoyed by ear-drum shattering screeches for an undetermined length of time.

Talking about GAGGING a CHILD is NOT horrific??? Really??

Words said out of frustration (that are most likely not meant to be taken literally) are NOT horrific, no.

Well then some people need to word more wisely, like I had said. She/he could have said "I wish there was a way to shut it up" "Where are the parents?" "This is going to be a long flight" while nodding their head towards the screaming. There are other ways to state your frustration. Maybe 'Horrific" was the wrong wording, but it was 3 in the morning when I wrote that. So here... "That was rude OP."

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Gag is nowhere near horrific. Strangling the thing with it's own intestines is. Force feeding it a live grenade is. Covering it with napalm and bringing up the match is. Hacking it to pieces until it is silent is. Picking it up and smashing the window with it until the window breaks and it flies outside is. Curb stomping it until it's a pile of flesh and sinew is. Man I came up with some lovely thoughts there.

If you did not notice, I did correct myself. There was no need to go that far...

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Screaming children. My arch enemy. They must all die.

LMAO u deff deserved it for talking shit bout others. Learn to keep your comments to yourself =] -Ł

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Irony: telling op to keep his/her comments to himself/herself by means of a comment. A tad hypocritical, don't ya think?

freepali LMAO

ughh i hate screaming kids but you're an idiot for saying that.

Yeah 'cause you never screamed when you were a baby. Have a little grace.

I don't care if I might have cried as a baby, I still don't want to hear a screaming kid. And by the way, my mom never would have let me scream, especially not in public like that.

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why the hate

(fake boobs^) shh...

SaintE has fake boobs? He should have went bigger.

Yeah but you still don't wish someone to gag/strangle/choke the baby to death you retard

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ydi for being rude. how would u like it if it was ur child?

Exactly! But i hope they wont be reproducing anytime soon, apparently they dont have enough patience to deal with a child

His or her child wouldn't be crying.

True, they would be gagged and tied up...

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10. if it was my child I'd give his ass some niquil so he'd shut the fuck up

Um. . . Okay. I said nothing to you. Very mature

Did I say people?? Nope! Sure the hell didn't!! I was speaking of the OP, not the general public. Its 2am. Are you done?

Which means she's heard him screaming a lot more than you. F her L.

I feel for you, OP. I usually love kids, but if I hear another one screaming uncontrollably on the bus or at work, I am going to kill something. even worse because 90% of the time, parents don't even try to tell them off. some don't even glance down at the kid as it screams loud enough to shatter glass. e_o

"telling off" a screaming child rarely works.

and "not even looking down at them" is usually a pretty good sign that the parent is probably incredibly embarrassed and is trying hard to hold their shit together and not start screaming and crying along with the child.

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agrees u never give a screaming kid attention or it'll keep doing it if it's a baby check it to make sure its ok but if u have just fed it and changed it then it wants attention and if u give it it'll keep cryin everytime it wants more if it's a toddler and can talk then it can tell u what it wants other wise it's a tantrum and u ignore it if it knows it bothers u it'll use it against u so yea let um scream and buy earplugs

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154... Eye am dissapointment in you're grammar.