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Today, I was on a plane in the aisle seat; the guy in the middle was encroaching on my space, and the window seat was not taken. The stewardess noticed my discomfort and suggested the guy move so we both had space. He had bought both seats and "liked sitting in the middle." FML
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stevenJB 25

Seems like douches reach their final forms on airplanes

This is why there is going to be a fat tax on planes...


stevenJB 25

Seems like douches reach their final forms on airplanes

chlorinegreen 27

Wouldn't buying a better seat such as first class be cheaper then buying 2 seats? Probably be more comfortable too.

45 - Flying first class often costs 3-4 times as much as flying coach. When my fiancé and I were looking at options last time we flew, coach was $350 each; first class was $1300 each!

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Actually #74, it's Dragon Ball Z. Frieza - final form yadda yadda yadda.

Sorry op maybe he wants to share the middle seat experience with you

Ah yes, I remember my first middle seat experience. It was a lovely flight to Dallas, and she was a tall Mistress that I will dream of for the rest of my life. She made me do things there on the plane, that would make the mile high club blush. I do have to admit, the old lady next to the window was very upset.

This is why there is going to be a fat tax on planes...

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I've ******* had it with fat people demanding special treatment for being fat. How about we treat them to a 250-mile hike in Siberia? :)

There already is, in a way -- past a certain point, you need to buy a second ticket. (IIRC that's an a per-airline thing) This person bought both, and chose to sit in the middle.

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...well, unless their obesity is entirely out of their control... THEN that's excusable. Otherwise we'd be right to charge them higher healthcare premiums and miscellaneous "fat" taxes.

suboy 10

When did op say the guy was overweight. He had the choice of sitting in either seat but decided to sit in the middle like a douche.

It's already happening, American Samoa is going to be basing ticket prices on a per-kilogram rate. It's about ******* time, too.

41 - I read "encroaching on my space" as "his fat was spilling over the sides". Otherwise the stewardess could have simply asked him to scoot/lean over in the other direction as opposed to full-on moving.

You are all soooo stupid. If u really think there should be a fat tax on planes you have clearly never struggled from weight issues. Being fat is NOT a personal choice it's just a mistake that some people have mad and have trouble overcoming. Maybe if the world had more accepting people than you assholes it would be a better place. F*** off. :-)

No I think overweight people wouldn't get as much shit and they would think its okay because nobody says anything. So there will be more fat people. It is their fault, it's a lifestyle choice. You can change it. So if you don't like being overweight, start exercising and change food habits.

"…not a personal choice, but a mistake…" Choice=choice Choice + bad=mistake So technically, a "personal choice" and a "mistake" are indeed both choices. Learn2debate

Who the **** asked for special treatment?

It is okay, because its not your ******* body to police. None of your business

I thought fat people were suppose to be jolly.

redmane 21

#63: Debate Rule #1: Do not call your opponent stupid. It makes your argument invalid. "You're all stupid so **** off," is not a great strategy. Debate Rule #2: Have common sense. For the over-consuming obese/overweight individual, it is a choice to stuff themselves with food. It's also a choice to overcome that addiction.

I saw on the news that a small airline (I forget what it's called) is charging people on how heavy they and there luggage is, I think that ridiculous!

Tell me exactly what this has to with being overweight? @68

DH22 14

When you make mistakes are you not expected to pay for those mistakes? Weight issues include difficulty gaining weight as well. But just like losing weight you can do it if you got off your lazy ass and put in the effort.

That is when I would start coughing, picking and scratching then touch his arm. Give him the full male treatment. He'd move...

It could have been worse, he could have been a screaming toddler with an ignorant mother...

skyeyez9 24

I would personally prefer a screaming toddler vs a creep.

bamagrl410 31

After working in retail for years, I can say I'd rather have the creep. Listening to children scream for hours is awful.

I hate it when people are inconsiderate, especially on airplanes!

This is the same guy who goes to the urinal right next to you when there's 3 other open ones.

perdix 29

#12, no, that guy's trying to pull a Larry Craig pickup on you. On an unrelated topic, because of the font FML uses, I always thought your name was HowieDOLT. I used to like Howie Mandel, but now I think he's a dolt.

Oh, I thought it WAS Howie DoLt! You will always be HowieDoLt to me. You can think of me as Meions instead.

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But he's still in the middle and would encroach on OP's space yet again.

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No, someone's ******* with me! The original story had "isle" and I corrected it to "aisle." Looks like one of the pranksters in charge did the old switcheroo!

#14 I completely agree I had to go back and read it. I got yelled at for saying your instead of you're.....get a life people.

...YOLO, #14? Are you standing by that, or blaming it on this mysterious prankster?

perdix 29

#49, no, I'm sticking with it. It goes with the horrible usage of "literally." I was aiming to score a hat trick of language crimes and I think I succeeded.