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Today, I was told that the $500 I'm owed for babysitting isn't going to happen. Why? Because after six months of watching a friend's six children, she's moved 120 miles away and no longer needs me. FML
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bexes tells us more.

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Hey guys, OP here. After reading some of the comments I can see there is a bit of confusion. The babysitting thing was a great gig at the start. She was paying me $200/week. What had happened was she hurt her back and couldn't work but had to go to multiple dr appointments there after. I was wanting to take a CNA course that cost $500. So we agreed she would pay for the class if I continued to watch the kids during her appointments. I held up my end she didn't.

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No excuses, go "no country for old men" on their asses and hunt 'em down.


I agree, however she shouldn't have let the bill get that high. Aren't all private baby sitters get paid at the end of their shift?

I agree with 30... I've been a nanny for a long time and it's standard to get paid at the end of every week.

I agree with 30 as well. she shouldn't have let it get that high at all.

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When I used to need a babysitter my parents paid weekly

No excuses, go "no country for old men" on their asses and hunt 'em down.

Guess you guys aren't friends anymore.

Wow thanks for the edit...she wrote "Sucks" before. Why do people always do this :(

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Because they're slow typers and want a top comment spot?

48-- isn't that for piggy backing under the first comment, even if it has nothing to do with it?

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It's not her fault you decided to reply to her comment. At least she changed it from a simple one liner. I don't see any reason you should be angry with her.

Woow.. Drama drama. Forgive me for editing my comment. Had I known it would cause you all so much misery I would have kept it at SUCKS! :-(

Don't worry, we read "SUCKS" in all your comments, it's just usually subtext.

Well that seems fair. Tell her the $2000 dollar necklace you took is really pretty, but it'll only look nice on you, so she won't need it in her new town.

Who has a $2000 necklace laying around?

People who pay a babysitter $500 dollars. Also rich assholes. And thieves with a good eye.

$500 for 6 months and 6 kids is definitely NOT a lot of money.

Yeah, that's a pretty good point. Guess I missed that.

Money owed is money owed no matter the distance. If not, then why is Sallie Mae of my ass all day and night even though she ain't my next door neighbor?

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At lay you don't have Freddie Mac on your ass, I hear he can get pretty intense.

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That's a total rip off! Well I guess next time shoot for a job that pays at the end of every week!

Outside of taking her to small claims court there isn't much you can do. Sorry you got shortchanged op.

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Not sure why you got down voted. I guess you needed to add "legally" to there's nothing you can do.

In relation to OP's position, I'd go with ripped off, because short changed makes it sound like they got some of what they were owed. Sorry about your bad luck OP! :(

Why wouldn't you've gotten paid after each time you babysat?

Based on the type of bitch her "friend" was, she probably claimed she didn't have the money at the time. OP was probably being the better person for taking care of the six kids with a shit pay with the assumption that her friend would pay OP back when she got the chance. One thing I've learned is that it's a high risk to trust others with money, even those really close to you. Lesson learned, I guess.

Hopefully you can convince her to give you the money, that's very unfortunate.

If that was me I'd go to her new home and burn that shit to the ground. That bitch owes you a lot of money.