By Rodolfo_el - 17/4/2021 10:59

No Ragrets

Today, my wife made me sleep on the couch because I ate the last Magnum Ice Cream bar. Last week, she bitched me out for singing too loud in the shower. I strongly regret leaving my ex-girlfriend of 5 years for this woman. FML
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  bleachedraven  |  12


  bleachedraven  |  12

Good for standing up for yourself!

By  bleachedraven  |  12

Some people are never happy and enjoy sharing their misery with those living with them. you shouldn't have married.

By  Chazzster  |  20

The bed belongs equally to you and wife. If she doesn’t want to sleep with you, let her sleep on the couch. When you let her boss you around like this over something so petty it’s just a power play on her part to show you who is boss. Once you accept this she will do it over and over to show you who’s in charge.

If you are unhappy in your marriage you have two reasonable options - You can either try to “fix” the relationship if both of you are willing, or you can divorce. Everything else leads eventually to one of those two.

Try talking things out with wife and explain how unfair it is to be treated this way and how it makes you feel. If wife is willing to work on mending the relationship then seek counseling. If the two of you are not willing to make changes then divorce is the answer.

In most of the USA a first consultation with a divorce attorney is free and does not obligate you for their services. You can find out from an attorney in your state what the likely property split would be and if there are likely to be support payments of what amount and for how long. Do this on your own and secretly so you know both sides of whatever decision you make. If you should decide to get a divorce, I recommend using a mediator instead of dueling attorneys in court. It’s much cheaper and although more unpleasant at times as the two of you have to come to an agreement, I think the ultimate result is better.

Two other pieces of advice:
(1) Never under any circumstances use violence or the threat of violence regardless of your gender or whatever is said or done. That can put you in jail and/or make you legally “at fault” in the divorce.
(2) Do not have children if you or your spouse are unhappy with the relationship. Children can be many things good and bad, but they are also an 18-21 year financial and moral obligation you cannot escape under any circumstances.

By  mskeptik  |  10

She doesn't love you anymore. Being annoyed with little things is the best indicator. I know what I'm talking about - in September my wife bitched me out for sitting too straight in the car, and in December we divorced.

  Chazzster  |  20

Actually I think you are probably right, the marriage is probably not salvageable.

I feel morally obligated to say that husband should at least try to talk it out with wife before pulling the trigger on the divorce. If it seems that the two of you cannot or will not be able to reach a workable relationship, then divorce is the answer.

By  VnD  |  6

I know someone who is being controlled by his wife, she always bitches to him about everything, every single little thing, he is being manipulated and controlled and the saddest part is, he lets her do that, he told me the house they live in isn't his, his MIL gave them money to buy the house and if he doesn't do according to what the wife wants, she may kick him out, but she is unemployed and has two kids that go to school so she can't kick him out, who will give her money if she does do that, he's a nice guy, I wonder why nice people have to go through this shit.