By agent_awesome - 21/09/2011 15:25 - United Kingdom

Today, a fly got stuck up my nose while I was giving a speech. FML
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agent_awesome tells us more.

i popped it out by holding down the other nostril and was awkward. but atleast i gave the people a story to tell. one day when its not so fresh i will look back and laugh...i hope

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LiveLaughFML 10

"and that is why YOU should vote me as preside--AUGHAHG!?"

HowAreYouToday 34

The fly "nose" where the gold is. :D

fakeaccountX 6

You gotta testify. Come up in the spot looking extra fly.

RedSharpieInk 5

That must have been HILARIOUS for whoever was watching the speech you were giving

BooGhosted 0

You ain't as coordinated as Obama.

wildhorseman 32
Epsilonyx 15

What you did next, I can only imagine.

Saw this happen to someone once. She spit it out. It was disgustingly fascinating.

Spit it out of her nose?! That'd be pretty fascinating

It probably went down the back if her throat and she spit it out

crazychick1269 7

looks like Perky Polly moved into town

free2speak 14

Are you the glittercookies from Etsy? Cause if you're, then you are a conniving lying thief who steals other's designs! if not, ignore what I just said.

RainbowzSkittlez 6

A fly flew into the OP's nose and it couldn't get out?

arrowshockey18 2

Your pretty:D oh and OP, smell good?

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perdix 29

Ironically, you were advocating a worldwide ban on pestcides. Insects never know which of us are on their side.