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By  thatkorean  |  5

If a the guy I was with did that I’d dump his ass. But lucky for me he kisses my stomach and tells me I’m beautiful just the way I am while supporting MY wishes of losing weight and encourages me when I need to workout and have struggles finding the motivation. He reminds me with things I’ve said to him. Not things he comes up with. Find THAT type of man.

  Vesi  |  27

Out of curiosity, is it your sole goal in posting to be offensive?

  RichardPencil  |  30

No, my goal is usually to bring a different view of the story. The vast majority of the comments are easily predictable from the story itself and are cliche and not at all insightful.

It would be nice if people had interesting replies to my comments and we could improvise off them.

By  Robert Cruikshank  |  7

He is not serious it was a joke, if he did not like your body, he would not be with you. Just have fun with him. Give him a nice kiss next time, and teach him what you like him to do next time. He will like that a lot.

  rotflqtms_  |  19

So...reward his hurtful words with a kiss? Don't you think that's sending the wrong message? "Say hurtful things to me and I'll kiss you. Who knows what I'll do for you if you go even further with more hurtful things?"