By violet - 29/11/2009 22:52 - United States

Today, I was lying in bed minding my own business when my mom entered the room. I was proposed to a few weeks ago by my boyfriend, and my mom came in to tell me that my boyfriend's mom was on the phone. Turns out, he stole the engagement ring from her drawer. FML
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How old are you?

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What an idiot, I would dump him.. He could have turned it into something romantic, like a ring with no rock and promise to fill it as he becomes more successful in life or something..


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Oh wow... that sux :[

I'm amazed by the FYL to YDI ratio, both the OP and boyfriend live with their parents therefore their in high school or can't get their feet on the ground, yet they're talking about MARRIAGE? ydi for trying to jump into it before growing up!

How do you know they're in highschool? Maybe they're just waiting to live together until they are married. Stop being so ignorant.

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#49. She could have just been at her parent's home for Thanksgiving weekend. Granted, OP's fiance doesn't sound particularly mature, but there is no reason to write off OP as well.

Ok, if they don't both live at home, then WHY would the boyfriend's mom have called her mom? Doesn't sound like an adult relationship to me.

Or maybe they come from more traditional households where the children don't move out until they're married; it happens.

I'd like to point out that some of us choose not to live with a boyfriend/girlfriend until we are engaged or even married. I'm still living with a parent in my 20s and I won't move out until engaged because I just prefer it that way. And that's how things used to be.

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think if college too

Yikes....I personally would consider breaking off the engagement and finding someone else who doesn't have to steal to impress you. How many of his other gifts he's given to you do you think he's stolen?

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What an idiot, I would dump him.. He could have turned it into something romantic, like a ring with no rock and promise to fill it as he becomes more successful in life or something..

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How old are you?

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If it makes you feel better he stole it because he loves you...a lot enough to screw over family members to make you happy

That's not love. Maybe he loves the challenge of seeing how sly he can be, or seeing how many times he can "pull the wool over her eyes", but giving your girfriend a stolen ring definitely isn't a matter of love.

A sign of love would have been if he'd asked his mother for the ring. Instead he showed contempt for his mother by stealing something which she holds dear. He showed contempt for his gf by spending nothing at all on the ring, but making her believe it was a token of his affection - even a $10 ring would have cost him more, so that give some measure of the degree of his love... Also the chance that this wouldn't be found out was extremely low - she only had to meet his mom once, while wearing the engagement ring. So finally he also showed his extremely low intelligence. So OP - what sort of husband do you think this guy would be to you? What sort of father would he be - what would he teach your children?

How did he think he would get away with stealing his moms ring? That sucks, guess the silver lining is that he loves you enough to want to get married..,

Time for conjugal visit sex! Yeah, I know he won't go to prison for this, but I had to say it..

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could he not afford a ring or is he just a theif?

It was due to his no good pig stealin' great great grandfather that his mom found out..

I haven't seen a Holes reference in YEARS! Nostalgic rush!

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Hooray for Stanley Yelnats! Seriously, I feel like I'm 12 again. Well done.

haha that was such a good book.

haha time to go to eBay and get another ring