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Today, a funny smelling liquid was sprayed all over the computer. Last week, I told my fully pottytrained but extremely reluctant toddler that he couldn't play Barney games until he used the big boy toilet. A 4 year old's revenge really sucks. FML
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By  pinktiger  |  0

ahahhaa. cool kid, reminds me of me :) LET HIM PLAY THE DAMN BARNEY GAMES >.< when i got my bottle taken away when i was 3 i went on a rant and practically tore the house down. my mom gave the bottle to me :) heheeeeee i still remember that


Your parents must've been pretty fucking spineless if they gave you what you wanted after you threw a tantrum because they didn't give it to you in the first place. When I was that age, if I threw a tantrum because I didn't get what I wanted, I got spanked, and to this day, I'm thrilled that my parents had a spine and gave me proper discipline when needed. I hope you don't reproduce.

  shananigans  |  0

Umm, no. The kid is way past that. Me, my siblings, my cousins, and pretty much all the kids I've ever worked with or babysat were potty trained at age 2, 3 the latest. This kid is 4, if he's not properly potty-trained by age 5 he won't be allowed to enter school and will be a year behind. Not being potty-trained is a stupid and embarassing reason to be held back. I know the OP said he was "fully" potty-trained, but clearly something's off, as he should realize by now that it's NOT good to go in your pants, and should be making his own efforts to make it to the potty when he needs to.

Now, if the OP only recently began potty-training him then it's a YDI, if s/he's been training him for a long time... Well I guess it could still be a YDI cuz at this point s/he is/was probably doing something wrong, but if the kid is just extraordinarily stubborn then FHL.

  mason022  |  0

Yup! Everyone I know, grew up with, am related to, and babysat were allllll fully potty trained no later than 2.5 years. There's no reason a mentally healthy child should still be in a diaper by that age.

By  SenGaeriel  |  3

YDI for letting him watch Barney in the first place and getting him a game based on that gay dinosaur.

But, you should just let him potty train at his own pace. Let him run around naked in the house. I swear it works!

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

But he knows how to use a potty ("...fully pottytrained but extremely reluctant..."). Now he's just not wanting to. Can't let 'em roam around in diapers forever, you know.

By  aback  |  4

That's what you get for not potty-training them till they're old enough to think up revenge. I'm surprised you didn't wait till he was old enough to choose your nursing home.