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Way to go Mr. Drama Queen...

I laughed at this cuz I thought u were being funny. but now I'm wondering if ur serious.


were u trying to steal her rascal?

the automatic door have judged you as guilty and will not let you leave, my suggestion is hunker down and sneak out with the trash.

maybe you shouldn't be a drama queen Nancy

epic amounts of fail.

You see, it's people like you who are ruining the word "epic" for the rest of us. This post has indeed failed but has no way committed an "epic" fail. We have to make sure that our generation doesn't water down epic and ruin it for the future. How do you know if a fail is "EPIC" worthy or not? When you see it, you'll know.

dat waz epic lulz

Where you running at the door? Normally they open pretty quickly.....

No, some open rather slowly. I've had to pause to have a few open before.

that's because you're incognito

Enterance door ... no sensor on his side

"... and god said unto his people, lol. And it was good."

actualy everywhere I've been there were sensors on both sides...

I've only seen a few that have sensors on both sides. It probably just depends on who owns the business and where you live.

I laughed at this cuz I thought u were being funny. but now I'm wondering if ur serious.

for having an automatic door at their store?

no #5 for saying "sue them"

I see someone's more than a bit lawsuit happy.

For having an automatic door that didn't work correctly.

guh reat default pic there sir

Way to go Mr. Drama Queen...

YDI for thinking your funny

Today someone mildly inconvenienced me by accusing me of something I didn't do. I then threw a hissyfit and stormed off only to have the universe bitchslap me for being such a whiny little bugger.