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Today, I received a lovely letter from the council telling me I have to cease the act of "breeding and selling cats" because someone from my Facebook reported me. I'm pretty sure I've never owned a cat or had one in my house. FML
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You can report cat breeders on Facebook? Who knew.

Either increase your privacy settings on Facebook, start removing "friends," or just deactivate your account. Social networking sites always seems to screw you over in the end.


Unfriend everyone and see who doesn't complain - that's your rat!

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Ignore this comment 'twas a mistake ._.

I don't think they would complain if they accused her of ' breeding & selling cats ' .

strawberrywine22 30

Wow, retards are out in force today, huh? K 10 & 34, I'm explaining it once, so pay attention. One of OP's FB friends reported her. When she unfriends all her FB friends, she will unfriend the person who reported her, AKA 'rat'. The rat will assume OP unfriended them because of the false report they made and either stay quiet or blow their cover. All her other friends will not understand why they have been unfriended and will contact OP to find out why. And so OP will find out who the reporter is. Getting it? No? Then congratulations on your future career as a coma patient.

Who the hell "complains" if they get un-friended on Facebook? I feel like that would be the minority. And you're expecting it to happen in 99.9% of the people?

I think 41 is 11 years old. the whole point of being on Facebook is to link with friends, not unfriend them all. PS you don't have to be someone's friend to report them.

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Just ignore it, you haven't done anything wrong.

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Well I guess that's purrr-fect you don't have to do anything

Either increase your privacy settings on Facebook, start removing "friends," or just deactivate your account. Social networking sites always seems to screw you over in the end.

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Increasing privacy settings would just make it look more suspicious.

Facebook has never been a fan of anyone's privacy.

Yeah pretty sure Zark ****-a-nerd is selling your info anyway.

You can report cat breeders on Facebook? Who knew.

What council? Don't even bother answering they are wrong and sound crazy. Distance yourself and make sure you aren't being followed by "the council"

Who knows, Op could be Chancellor Palpatine himself.

Why the council of the elders of course

MerrikBarbarian 9

23- op is female. Last I checked Palpatine is very male. ;)

This would make sense if OP was in UK. Every city has a council that deals with social housing, benefits, taxes, etc. If OP lives in a council house and the council get a tip off that OP is in violation of housig agreement, then they basically act as landlords. Assuming OP just accidentally selected US as their country. If thats the case OP, a quick call should suffice in getting the matter sorted.

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Lots of gated communities, condo assoc., and upscale apartments have councils that control minutiae like whether you can hang laundry out to dry on your patio and other things. There could be rules about operating a business on premises.

I doubt if someone was breeding and selling cats in their house they wouldn't openly broadcast it on Facebook

strawberrywine22 30

Why not? My sister breeds purebred Persian cats and advertises them on Facebook. What's wrong with that?

37- Everything. Breeding cats when there are already hundreds in shelters that need to be adopted is horrible. Selling purebred cats when there are already hundreds in shelters that need to be adopted is horrible. Treating cats like objects to be advertised and sold rather than family members to be loved is horrible. Purebreds tend to be less healthy and less stable due to a smaller gene pool. People who breed cats obviously don't care about cats half as much as they care about money, which is not just horrible but part of one of the world's biggest problems. I could keep going but I hope you've gotten the point by now.

Actually, true breeders don't breed for the money, they breed to keep the breed 'true.' Many of these responsible breeders won't even make you pay for the animal, but only it's vet bills, along with a health guarantee for the animal's health. They work hard to make sure the animals they choose to breed are of quality, and that the defects that are prevalent for the breed are not dominant. They often show these animals as well, and those animals in the litter that are not up to par, they give away to friends and family as household companions. Yes, it is hard to find a responsible breeder, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Rescue should always be your first option, but if you can't find an animal that way that you prefer, finding a responsible breeder should be your second choice.

#45 So what? Not everyone wants to adopt a cat from a shelter. Nothing wrong with that. What if they want a specific breed, or they want an animal with a reliable history?

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45- That's not always true. There are good breeders who dont care about money. The ones who care about money would mostly be backyard breeders (they let their cat breed with another not knowing health concerns/risks/background, and sell the kittens for probably exorbiant prices). This mostly applies to dogs, but sometimes people want a purebred animal for a reason. I have a purebred Australian Shepherd; all of my previous dogs and cats were mixed strays. Does having a dog from a breeder make me an awful person, really?

I'm talking about the fact that it's in OP's house, although I don't know how big her house is, but I'm pretty sure it wouldnt be a cramped environment to breed cats. But that does depend on how many breeds of cats and other factors.

@54, but it's not in her house, hence the reasons for the fml.

And where else would one breed cats or dogs? The local park?

Does someone on your Facebook not know what lolcats are?! Have you been liking a lot of cat pictures? :P

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and they must hate pussy...which is upsetting...pussy is beautiful !