By creepyeyes - Canada
Today, I got myself a cool pair of colored contacts. I was wearing them while at home, so that I'll get used to them. Then I had to go to a job interview. I forgot to take them out. I went to a job interview with zebra-print eyes. FML
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By  sireen  |  0

youre an idiot. i hate colored contacts. YDI.

  ellbtvsvm  |  0

I know, I HAVE contacts. My question was - so, he wore them outdoors and his employers saw them. So? They would have seen them eventually unless the person never wore them outside of his own house.

  eastmanwolf  |  0

#91 Maybe the OP only intended to wear them for parties and stuff like that, because that's not really appropriate for work but could be appropriate for something else. I'm sure you have clothes you'd never wear to work but wear out with friends.


It wasn't like he just ran into people he worked for randomly. This was someone he was trying to make a good impression on. Zebra contacts are not professional. Well, depending on the job you're going for ;)

  patray_angel  |  0

The clothes you wear and contacts are two very different things........unless you have the money. I am not sure with color contacts if you can wear them once, take them out for however long and just put the same pair back in.

I just have clear contacts and I am technically only suppose to keep a pair in for a month and then throw them out.