By bobo - 24/04/2011 01:02 - Canada

Today, I played Angry Birds for two hours. I got so into the game, I failed to remember that I was sitting on a public toilet. I only realized this when the janitor came to check on me. FML
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Er they do have a life. Just not using it productively I suppose.

angry birds is better than life ...

yeah who needs a life when you have angry birds

yeah I wouldn't wordy at all.. I would jus wordy about all the diseases an germs you were sitting in for two hours. that would wordy me a little bit.

I think they might have a life, they just forgot about it while they were on the can.

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yeah. but still angry birds for 2 hours? he needs to buy more games.

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dude everyone in some way is a gamer. Not only that but my dad does that at home with the newspaper . all because he played a game for 2 hours does not mean he has no life, it means he was obviously having fun.

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71, why are you being a bitch about a misspelled word when the person corrected their mistake?

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71, why are you being a bitch about a misspelled word when the person corrected their mistake?

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wow .. yeah no life .. thats just rediculous .. i dont see how u dont realize your on a public toilet playing angry birds for 2 hours -.-

Angry Birds is a good game, get back on pokemon.

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usually forgetting your on a strange toilet is a good thing.

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Naa the toilet is a great place to let your mind wander. I've made plenty of life decisions in the oval office.

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I can relate to #8. when I'm on the toilet I play tiny wings or angry birds for like 30 minutes sometimes hahah

True that, the toilet helps my mind's ideas flow with ease. I've made my homework while on it.

Yeah, if I sit down on the pot with my phone or a laptop or homework, I'm usually there for like half an hour or so. I remember one time I was playing with my phone and when I got up, I was surprised to see poop in there because I had forgotten I'd pooped. That one is scary lol.

so 51 im guessing you didnt wipe either. and had some dry crusty poop around your anus

You're all getting heamoroids. No seriously, if you sit on the toilet for too long too often, something about the blood flow and position gives you heamoroids.

it's official...dr. cupcake says u get hemorrhoids, so it must be true

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17 no offense your profile pic is kinda scary lol

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you people sit obliging toilets? happy ghonnorrhea.

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Darn iPod. I typed "on public" and it changed to "obliging"

#98 You cannot catch gonorrhea from sitting on a public toilet.

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Haha, I'm on the toilet right now

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oh well thanks 89 I feel way better about my self

hahahah well 1) thats gross! do you know how many germs are in the toilet? and 2) nice work. it can get really addictive... just not in a toilet.

Uh OP said ON a toilet , not in ? Sorry to burst your bubble ..

yeah i meant while sitting on the toilet.

germs into the toilet? true. but you know Germs don't crawl up to enter his glory hole!! that comment was stupid.

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And your picture is disgusting

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Number 12, that is... If there was any discrepancy...

okay but when he wipes his ass, the germs get on then hopefully he washes his hands but still, not all of the germs are killed so then you touch your phone then the germs are then spread everywhere.

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Do YOU know how many germs were on his toilet?

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Planning to suck his wiener off?

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3, shut up already. Your phone and purse has more germs on it then a damn toilet.....

#32 that's a mighty beard you have there I take my hat off to you

46 - the toilet, where people shove their ass onto, piss on (yes, it will become ridden with bacteria), and sometimes shit on, is cleaner than your cell phone. Right. Sure it's cleaned more often in public restrooms, but the upkeep is necessary.

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76 have you seen the studies on them. We touch thousand of different things a day. We pick up many germs when we do. Unless you wash your hands after touching things before using your phone, stfu.....

You don't need to see studies to know our hands are one of the dirtiest areas on our body unless we constantly wash them. But dirtier than most toilet seats, no. How about I put it this way, your hands aren't dirtier than toilet seats all the time, and toilet seats are cleaner than hands some of the time but none of the time are you intelligent and all of the time you are an idiot.

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Read this 86. Then tell me who the idiot is....

okay, with what 88 just showes me, i can admit i was wrong. i didnt go and do the research..couldnt be bothered. so laugh at me, i dont care. goodnight.(:

yeah toilet seats are actually cleaner than your cellphone's.

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Atleast you can admit when you are wrong, number 3. Now put a real shirt on.

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stop hating on this girl damn. y'all make mistakes too

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Yes, and a soap bottle is also a breeding ground for bacteria as is a sponge. I did that little experiment a few years ago in bio 10 when we were supposed to find what we thought were dirty surfaces. Turns out your average soap bottle is riddled with germs as are most surfaces you touch with your hands. However, I keep my cell phone clean, but I can't say the same for public restrooms when they are often dirty, including the toilet seat (especially when I've walked in where the feces mysteriously missed the bowl and landed on the seat as if someone hovered over the toilet). Mostly I'm irritated by the fact that a number of you people seem to be harassing this girl.

Oh look, I found a link too, By the power of the transitive property...

Oh, and for those of you who like mythbusters, read this: don't forget to read the whole thing about dirty surfaces.

For those of you who like mythbusters, read this: don't forget to read the whole thing about dirty surfaces. Oh, and suck it.

How many things touch your ass every day? How many things touch your hands?

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yea but the bacteria on the toilet is worse than the 1s on your phone...i think...i need to refer to mythbusters again

how does it feel to have 32 dislikes. fail on your part.

and how do we know he took a shit? maybe he got so distracted he forgot to shit?

oh leave the poor girl alone,she made one mistake! whether toilets are more germy than phones, why the hell should it matter! they both have germs! let's just end this it's rly stupid. and ending this does not mean being a retard and replying to this nasty comments. thts not ending it idiot.

YDI for not realizing (: I suck at angry birds.

i suck at it too, im more of a doodle jump kinda guy anyway.

ewewiw! don't be surprised when your wiener falls off!

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Why would his weiner fall off?

public toilet = germs! it's not like he was at home relaxing.

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I meant the person above you.

hmmm I must admit having my penis dangle in a strange toilet isn't very inviting.. id be a bit worried

Of course germs carry chainsaws! If mucus can throw parties, just think what your average toilet germs can come up with.

"EWWWWWWWIE! Germs are SO gross! Public toilets are icky, I would never use one because there are germs on them!" There's germs on every toilet. No one's wiener is going to fall off from germs, and if you really believe that can happen I'm concerned for you.

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what im concerned with is how many people dont know how to spell "weiner"

74, I before e except after c :D wiener!

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87, that rule has so many exceptions that they stopped teaching it. Good luck living a lie.

I'm pretty sure he never said "your dick is gonna be severed off with a chainsaw."

I was joking about it falling off. I just don't think that's the safest place to sit and stew.

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its funny because you were on a public toilet for 2 hours and didnt notice anyone prior to the janitor using the restroom, sounds like bs to me...

ya, and how does a battery last that long. cmon.

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smells like what it may have smelled like in there..

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28, I have an iPhone that can last longer then that. It is possible to sit on a toilet for 2 hours if you are in the zone.

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so does your flab. literally it just sucks stuff in when u walk by doesn't it?

Hey 64. How about you shut the hell up, kay? Keep your stuck up opinions to yourself, no one else wants to hear them.

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Hey 66, you're blond. No one cares.

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It's spelt blonde, dumbass.

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128. it's spelled spelled, dumbass. Unless you're from the UK. then nvm

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150 do you know how ******* stupid you just sounded?