By Anonymous - 28/10/2009 07:19 - United States

Today, I was in my car studying on the campus parking lot. It was cold outside so I had the windows up. I had a severe upset stomach and was privately drowning in my own flatulence. Moments later, my crush knocks on the window to ask me something. I had to roll the windows down. FML
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ArthursLifeSucks 2

Roll down the opposite one first. Your life stinks. heehee.

lol @ "privately drowning in my own flatulence"


haha aw. you couldve snuck out the passenger side, then come around to where he was standing. possibly awkward, but probably not -more- awkward than the alternative.

Not_Yet_Rated 0

i agree. op could have pretended the driver side door was jammed...

You were basking in your own aroma? You mean you couldn't just light a match? Or do you have a fart fetish?

this made my day, #14

wouldn't u have wound down the window temporarily if it really smelt that bad? or u could be like me. I fart HEAPS but my farts don't smell unless I ate can soup or I'm due for a session with the toilet. oh dear, too much info

Did green gas billow out through the windows when you rolled them down, or was it more like an explosion?

Skull_300 0

Why the Fuck were you sitting in your own stench admiring it when you've got an upset stomach? You're lucky you didn't fill your own lap with puke? Did your crushes eyes glaze over when your funk hit them up beside the head? You nasty ass!

perdix 29

Technically, you could SUFFOCATE in your own flatulence. You could drown in your own diarrhea. You're welcome in advance.

One could choke on the end results of constipation, but I'd worry more about why he/she was trying to eat their poo.

char9498 0

Poor you, that seems like something that would happen to me, lol

Why do you study in your car anyway?

528Alice491 3

Sometimes the time gaps between classes is an hour or two and not worth the drive home and back. A lot of people sit around to study between classes.

Oofie. You need help. I bet you're crush hates you now.

birds_fml 7

HAHAHAHA! I feel for you, OP. And for all you people questioning this... studying in your car is sometimes better than studying in the library. It's more private, and for those of us who get cold easily the car is usually warmer what with the sun shining through the windows. And no one thinks their own farts are nasty to them. Farts only stink to other people.