By Anonymous - 28/10/2009 07:19 - United States

Today, I was in my car studying on the campus parking lot. It was cold outside so I had the windows up. I had a severe upset stomach and was privately drowning in my own flatulence. Moments later, my crush knocks on the window to ask me something. I had to roll the windows down. FML
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ArthursLifeSucks 2

Roll down the opposite one first. Your life stinks. heehee.

lol @ "privately drowning in my own flatulence"


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my issue is the statement "its cold outside" even northern Cali is warmer than Mn haha

You should have written a warning sign for him/her! "Make me roll down this window at your own risk." He/she would have appreciated your honesty, I'm sure. Plus, it'd make you seem all mysterious and jazz. Mysterious is sexy, right?

ArthursLifeSucks 2

Roll down the opposite one first. Your life stinks. heehee.

I agree, I think I would have done that to let it out, then rolled down the one they were at. That's just nasty.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Was just thinking that. "Accidentally" roll down the other, say oops, then roll down that one. Problem avoided.

I don't know about you, but my car doesn't have automatic windows, so I have to reach down and roll them open. Makes it a little harder to accidentally roll the wrong window down, haha. Maybe the OP had the same problem.

lol @ "privately drowning in my own flatulence"

blland 0

i thought that was the worst part. i mean, would you rather smell shit or let someone else do it for you?

perdix 29

Maybe you'll be lucky and find out that he is into Cleveland Steamers, Boston Pancakes, Dirty Sanchez, blumpkins, etc. and will pop a boner at your poo-scented aroma. You spins the wheel, you takes yer chances.

You forgot Alabama Hotpocket, the best one!

perdix 29

I also neglected the Alaska Pipeline. I'm not into that stuff, but I'd do one for Sarah Palin.

LeStab 4

you were privately drowning in it wow your ******* wierd