By Anon - 18/12/2013 09:56 - United States - Paso Robles

Today, I had to pee during a supervised lockdown. I asked my teacher to take me since we couldn't be in the halls alone. Since class was going, she couldn't take me. Much to my dismay, she sent a school-wide email asking for someone to take me to pee. Six teachers took me, including my principal. FML
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Did you guys hold hands and make a chain like they do on elementary field trips?

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Did you guys hold hands and make a chain like they do on elementary field trips?

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Good job, 24! You came up with something original! That's like unheard of, a steady stream of comments like that and you'll become king of the world! Ok, maybe not the world, but king of something! Woo! Ahh! Psss! The crowd goes wild!

I call this FML fake!!! This is the third FML by this guy/girl going by the username anon in the past few weeks

Make fun of her now but that'd be a funny story to tell years from now

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Lack of gender icon makes this more interesting...

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Lucky him he got an escort. If someone from my school had to go during a lockdown they would have to use a box in the corner...

Well that's a piss-poor way to handle things.

Pssst. Just a heads up but comments like that around here could get the piss slapped out of you like a pancake, mate!

Piss-poor? That's a new and POORLY made pun.

Ah, news flash, 17; piss-poor isn't new. Though it was funny at some point, it's unoriginal and overused in any pee-related FML.

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You should feel important. They are like bodyguards.

Right. You can't say that your school isn't doing they're job ensuring student safety lol

This is actually nice, I'm glad your school is taking precautions!

I agree, but six people should not be required to walk you to the bathroom during a drill. Seems inefficient to me, but I went to a small highschool with only a few administrators.

Maybe they all needed to use the restroom too and the more the merrier.

Myabe it wasnt a drill. my high school was once on lockdown because a gun was found in the bathroom. it was in a bag and someone hit it, and it went off. everyone was confined to their class for hours while an investigation went about

That's for sure. My high school didn't do as much as a fire drill all year long (even after the school shootings happened), the only fire (or any other emergency) drill we had all year was a total accident from an experiment gone wrong in the chemistry lab!

My school never had fire drills - we got enough practice from false alarms. Usually someone getting wound up and punching the alarm button, but once, someone hung toilet paper off of a smoke detector and lit it.

Hell I'd be happy if I just got to pee no need for an entourage.

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Well they were on lockdown. Meaning there was probably a good reason for it. Like a bomb threat or suspicious character in the parking lot.

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Or a drill that at least six faculty members were desperately wishing for a reason to get out of, even just to escort a bathroom trip.

We had a really serious lockdown where we even got sent home so no one could be in the hallways and these three guys actually went into the back room and peed in a bottle

During the arapahoe high school shooting we(a neighboring school) were under a secure perimeter and had to be escorted by a school security guard and police officer to leave. :P

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Look on the bright side OP at least you were able to pee in a restroom and not use the bathroom while still being in class how most schools do it.