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Today, I was having 'goodbye' sex with my boyfriend. Now for the next four months he's going to remember our last time as the one where I farted and couldn't stop laughing. FML
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Maybe it was a fail but sex shouldn't always be extremely romantic 24/7. Memories like that or what really makes a relationship.

"Now for the next fourth months he's going to remember " At least he will only remember it every fourth month as opposed to every/every second/every third months.

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humorizer? What an inappropriate name...

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If the sex was good then he'll probably won't remember anything else

Not everything is as simple as a FAIL or non-FAIL. Sometimes theres some silver lining. Then again, sometimes everything goes to shit, its a toss up

It's actually appropriate if folks have the same sense of humor that I do. I used word play there. I suppose I can make Justin Bieber/Twilight/sex jokes like everyone else, but I try to troll my own way. If ya don't like it, fine by me. :)

Honestly, this is the first time I hear of "Goodbye Sex". What animals people are these days.

I just re-read the FML. I understood it differently at first. Sorry. Here come the thumbs-downs!

^ I'll give ya a thumbs up just be contrary. Feel free to thumb this down as much as you can. I wanna see if it beats my record of about 36.

ya!those who share farts stay together(: sorry that was stupid.

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You deserve it for having goodbye sex

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19- that wasn't stupid it's the truth. People should appreciate the little things in a relationship more often because they tend to go unnoticed these days.

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OP deserves it for having goodbye sex

Girls don't fart. God placed an ROF in their bodies. It stands for "Restriction of Farting". Every girl has one! :)

Watch CollegeHumour's video on YouTube. It explains why we men never see/hear girls do it.

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Well we need an emergency operation on this guy's overactive stupidity gland, so he needs to make the choice to attend to this obviously more urgent matter over something stupid like a liver transplant or whatever else he's doing right now.

Some people are undiagnosable. I have a feeling there is no diagnosis code for this guy's ailment.

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I'm honored to be in the same thread as these people Yeah, I'm a loser.......

That awkward moment when you think of the perfect reply but I'm too late... Btw, it's 'no shit'

That awkward moment when you think of the perfect reply but you're way too late... Btw it's 'no shit'

OP, I'm sure he thought it was cute:) But I myself would have burried you alive for that.

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Dude I totally have been there!! Except it was doggy style and he saw the hole open and close. It was hilarious! I think it's a good memory!

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95- that's a bit more information than I wanted to know...

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Y'all don't have a sense of humor. Seriously if you think about it, it's hilarious... Along with awkwardness and all that good stuff. It's an inside joke that only you and your partner experience together. I think it helps with closeness. 5 years down the road, he and I are extremely close and open about everything!

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109 - Yeah, YOU and YOUR boyfriend have been close for five years to be that comfortable with each other. We, the readers of FML, are not. Please keep that disgusting info to yourself. It was not humor, it was just... Ew. *shivers*

109, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that..

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Y'all are forgetting about the FML .... Wasn't that what this whole FML was about?! I didn't share any more then what OP did. You should expect to see some disturbing stories and should be a mature adult and handle them like so.

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I would shut up if you didn't continue. You keep going, why can't I...

167: All the OP said was that she had sex. You shared the position and the fact that holes opened and closed. You definitely shared more than the OP did.

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The irony.... is so beautiful, isn't it Shrooms?

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That's why it's an FML dumb ass..

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Anybody else read 6's comment in a yoda voice?

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I honestly don't understand the point of goodbye sex

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Not like breakup sex, it's for if someone is going somewhere for awhile (in this case 4 months) its the last time they'll have sex with each other.